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  1. good job !! Did you beat the fine patient and helpfull people at the launch:rolleyes:
  2. Sorry to hear you didnt catch much.. Augres has slowed down some but they are still there..limits are not a problem...I went out this morning from tawas and caught 9 in the same area as you were in "I think" how fast are you trolling?? I was running about .6-.8 to get them to bite ... was really flat this morn.. I then trailer to Augres and took a couple guy out and they got there limit but went waaay south.. 25 fow. and slow was the ticket there too.
  3. Great job!! hope I do as well in the next tourny!!
  4. I went out at 3:30 a little bumpy to say the least but managed 8 keepers out of 16 fish. back in by 6:00 2oz inlines with crawlers and spoons color didnt matter 32fow 50 ft. off boards .9 -1.2 gps
  5. Change your times and rates For say: 5 hour --500.00 2.5 hour--300.00 just using numbers ofcourse, I dont even know what charters cost. That way you save fuel and fish plus make a little extra and dont feel like you are rippen the clients off. Then its the clients choice. Just explain if limits have been comming pretty easy or not. You can also take more trips in a day if they do 2.5
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