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  1. you can run them, just watch how sharp you turn. I wouldn't run any large flashers, but we run spoons and plugs all the time like that. We will run the swr s on the out side and mono in the center to space them out.
  2. those like look dept 16 rod holders, we have a couple of those too. Great job on the fish. We are headed to Manistee in the morning.
  3. I have a 24' crestliner w/hardtop and I will get blown around a little, were glass boats will typically track straighter. I trailer my boat all over and like the alum. for that, but I think my next boat will be glass. We didn't do anything special when rigging my boat, and it was an old chartter.
  4. We had offshores then switched to church boards, just pull the pin and the board is off the line. We use the walleye boards for salmon and walleye.
  5. Fish your marks on your fish finder, In the straights you may have some crazy currents down under. Learn to watch (cable angle) and listen to your rigger cables they can give you a good idea without a speed at the ball device.
  6. I just picked up a spool of copper, I am going to make a couple swr with it and then use the rest as a copper fish magnet:lol: Should I use a roller rod or can I get away with a regular rod and maybe a new tip?? Thanks for the help
  7. We use speed beads to keep the boards from running back over the leadcore. This can be a pain, is there and easyer way???
  8. we fished the steelheaders tourney on the 16, the guys were very organized and did a great job getting boats in and out in an orderly and quick manner.
  9. We are going to fish that area this weekend, everyone is catching fish. Good Luck and enjoy this beautiful weather!!! Jon
  10. Fished saturday, out of the mouth of the river 15-22 fow, 3 7 pounders, only 2 under sized, crawlers best walleye trip ever.
  11. I will look for some, and try to post them. It is packed away in the pole barn right now, not sure how a pic would turn out. I farm so it will be mid to late june before I get a chance to hit the water.
  12. I have a 1986 24.5 GLE, old charter boat from Augres. I has the 4.3 and you can fish all day on 10 gallons. Trim tabs really help keep it in the water when it is ruff. A rocket launcher on the hardtop helps keep spare rods out of the way and accessable.
  13. Moonshine's They sure do glow. I just wish they would hold up better.
  14. New hooks are not very sharp, Use a good hone and you will increase you hook ups!!
  15. Rig up a couple swr's for walleye, works great. We just change our leaders to lighter line for the walleye. If using inline boards, we use speed beads to keep away from core. You will be amazed at the amount of fish that will hit an swr when you are setting lines. It's awsome when a salmon hits that line, as you are connecting to the cannon ball.
  16. Ok Who has upgraded riggers over the winter?? I am looking for 2 used downriggers. Prefferably Cannons. I am also looking for a wire rod if anyone has a xtra. Please let me know what you may have. Thanks Jon [email protected]
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