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  1. Yes. Plus shipping of your choice, I would imagine post will be the cheapest. Thanks, Bill
  2. Lowrance HDS-5, transducer, antenna, and wiring. Worked great when I took it off my boat. $150.00
  3. I've run leadcore from in-line boards and big boards for years and it works great. If you run big boards from a mast try to get your realease clip onto the backing if possible, but it will work even snapped directly to the leadcore. All my leadcore rigs have at least 10 colors but I often run only 5-8 colors depending on how deep the fish are in the water column. Leaders are a personal preference thing and I've seen a lot of trollers who insist that you have to run at least 30-50 ft. of leader. If your going to run 3-5 colors then you may want that long of a leader, but most times on a full core I only run 8-10ft. of flurocarbon. Most people either swear by leadcore or swear at it! There are times when it will out fish almost any other trolling presentation. Keep in mind when you are reeling in a fish on leadcore try not to pump the rod like you might on mono or braid, any slack line when you lower the rod and the fish will be gone! Hope this helps!
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