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Tourney was held in Pennsylvania waters of Lake Erie on Saturday the 28th. 45 teams entered with a maximum of 9 walleyes allowed to be weighed in per team and each walleye had to be a minimum of 18" long.

Tough fishing right now across most of the east central and eastern basin. Warm water blown in from a CONSTANT regime of westerlies has fish scattered across the water column from top to bottom. Fish can be found as shallow as 18 feet of water as deep as 75 feet of water and from 15 feet below the surface all the way to the bottom. Scattered fish meant that a little more than half of the boats entered brought their 9 'eyes to the scale.

Team Storm Warning II managed to bring 9 to the weigh in and took a few extra home for the fryer. Unfortunately, our 9 fish were totally comprised of the banner 2003 year class and averaged a scant 3.5#. Hard to win an event like this without a "kicker" or two.

Here is the final top 10. Standard 10 points per fish scoring along with 1 pt. per pound.


Here are the big fish for the tourney: (Some of these teams look familiar???)


Here is team X-Kuz-Me II with a VERY impressive 54.55# box. They blew second place out by a good margin.


Great time had by all despite some heavy wave conditions. We look forward to more good times and more quality fish in August when hopefully some of you guys on this site will come down and fish with us in the 3rd Annual EPSFA Walleye & Steelhead Pro Am August 2-3 at the Port of Erie, PA


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