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I had the privilege of fishing with Pete Alex about the VQ IV on Wednesday with his mate Kevin, the Deerslayir, and new friends Chris and Joe.

Morning started quite balmy and calm for November with temps hovering in the upper 50s.

Fishing started as calm as the weather until we located our first pod of Steel just NW of the Chestnut St. ramp. A steady pick throughout the morning highlighted by 3 doubles and a near triple kept us all on our toes. Several chromers fell victim to the Buffalo Bill Super Slim presented on 1 color cores and the rigger, but most fish fell to a variety of stick baits including Dave's Kaboom Shiners and Rebels off the boards with orange/black combos being the color du jour. Several bone jarring strikes came from the "digger" rods we ran of each side with a Dave's Deep Kaboom Shiner taking the largest fish of the day, a large, well colored buck with a pronounced kype. As is the "industry standard" with steelies, we were at one point only 6 for 10 and lost several others on the way to the finish, including an unfortunate two break offs.

A great way to celebrate Thanksgiving with good friends, good conversation, and good fishing with only one other boat in sight.



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