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2007 Walleye Steelhead Pro Am

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Incredible tourney held out of Erie, PA over the weekend.

We fished in the AM division and boxed a very good box the first day including our allotted 12 'eyes and 5 steelies. Unfortunately only 2 of our steelies were over 5# and that sank us to 5th in the AM division and 7th overall after day 1. Day 2 seas were a lot rougher as well as the fishing. We only boxed our 12 eyes (weighed in at 50#) and caught only 2 small steelies (under 17" tourney minimum) and dropped 1 good one. The lack of steelies dropped us to 7th in the AM division and 21st overall out of I believe 44 teams.

We had very nice 'eye boxes both days including 5 fish over 5# on day 1 with one going 8# 4oz. Day 2 our box including 1 5# eye and 3 6# eyes. TREMENDOUS number of BIG fish caught over the 2 days including many eyes over 10 and at least 5 eyes over 12 with big fish for the tourney at 12.75#. Big steelies were in abundance as well with many over 10# and big steelie of the tourney at 13.7#.

Fish were caught ALL over the place. Many eyes from 58 to 50 fow, we caught most of our eyes from 61 to 70 fow. Eyes and steelies were caught just inside the 1st trench and throughout the deep waters of the first and second trenches as well as many out of the "hole" due north of the Port of Erie.

I highly recommend anyone that likes to fish offshore in Lake Erie fish this tourney! Great fun and incredible catches.

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