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I Found an Old Shipwreck on Lake Erie with My Side Imaging (Underwater Video)

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Who still uses their side scan fairly regularly?  I had it on my old boat, then when I got my fiberglass Ranger it didn't come with it.  I didn't replace it for several years.  I finally got it back on my boat I got in the fall.  Man, I didn't realize how much I missed it until I put back on this boat.  I was scouting around Lake Erie and came across a couple old wrecks on the bottom that I never knew were there.  I had my ice fishing camera with me, and I was able to drop that down as well and get a decent look at it with the fish around it.  I have to say it was my highlight of fishing year so far.  I think I enjoy finding something new to fish as much as catching a big one sometimes.  This spot did hold good smallmouth too.


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4 minutes ago, EdB said:

That's a cool find, thanks for sharing. Were you in Michigan waters or farther east?

Ed I was in Michigan waters western basin.  One thing I can't figure out that I could use some help with is figuring out what kind of fish those little ones were towards the end of the video.  Some sort of fry.  The waves were picking up, so it was a little harder to keep the camera steady.

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9 hours ago, Josfish said:



Thanks man.  I'm working on another one that I was checking out today.  This is a widely known shipwreck on Erie.

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