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Hard to believe Fin Warrior has been in the water since April 21st and this was the first time I wet lines.  Fished the top of the water column with two dipseys tipped with spoons and on downrigger rigged with a SD & green crinkle fly two passes out.  Set up just north of Saugatuck in 130 FOW trolling south at about 11:00am.  After about 30 min decided to move out to deeper water.  As I moved into the second of two slicks in 187FOW, the downrigger went off.  Netted a 5lb king and released it.  Made a quick adjustment to start turning south to follow the slick.  Before I could get the rod back down, the port dipsey sporting a DW Mixed Veggie UV spoon brought in a 4lb coho which I kept.  Just as I got the downrigger down to depth and finished the turn to the south, the SB dipsey tipped with a silver red UV spoon went off bringing in another 5lb king that was released.  Got both dipseys back down and followed the slick in and out but the magic was not there.  Changed direction to a north troll, back tracking my southernly run but not a bump.  Did notice that the water temp at my Smart Troll probes dropped two degrees so on a hunch, decided to move closer to shore to get back to 54.5 degrees at 45' down in the water column.  Got to that temperature in 170FOW and got a second hit on the dipsey with the Mixed Veggie spoon.  Lost it at the back of the boat.  Likely a coho by the way it was thrashing around.  Pulled lines a short time later weary of the front moving in that broke up over the lake.  Mid-day the lake was very flat and the flies were thick but not biters.  The coho made for a great dinner!

# Time Fish Weight FOW Latitude Troll Wind Dir. Speed @ Ball Rod Bait Depth Bait Temp Bait
1 12:19 PM King 5 187 42o 41.955 W SW 2.8 DR 20# 45 53 Dragon Slayer SD / Howie Green Crinkle Fly
2 12:28 PM Coho 4 192 42o 41.780 SW SW 2.8 Dipsey - Mono 45 54.5 DW Mixed Vegie UV spoon
3 12:35 PM King 5 194 42o 41.650 S SW 2.8 Dipsey - Mono 35 54.5 Silver Red UV spoon
4 2:09 AM Miss 0 170 42o 43.040 E SE 2.8 Dipsey - Mono 45 54.5 DW Mixed Vegie UV spoon
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