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Holland 9/10 mid-day 2 or 2

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Pushed off a little after 10:00am on a mid day solo trip knowing the good salmon bite in shallow water would be gone and set out to look for Steelhead.  Went north and found a nice slick that I could run out on a northwest troll.  Unfortunately there was nothing biting from 80 to 150 FOW.  Ran out to 175 FOW and ran a N-S troll but still nothing.  Decided since the water was so flat to test out the new rigging I came up with on one of my outriggers where the Offshore board stays on the outrigger line pulling out to the side while the long line breaks free when a fish hits.  It was a great day to mess around with this and I finally got the program working right but admit it is a lot of work.  Pulled that out of the water and headed back in closer since nothing was happening in the deep water.  Around 2:00pm had back-to-back hits running east at about 120 FOW.  Landed two kings, one on my favorite Brads Cut Plug down 92' at the ball on a downrigger and the second came on a dipsey, 60' down via Smart Troll on a Caddy Shack UV Stingray spoon.  Stayed in the shallower water for the rest of the float but no other takers.  Counted 18 boats out for the evening bite after ripping lines 3:30-4:00 and thought I caught what might have been the Parker racing north in the skinny water towards Muskegon.

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