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Wanted to chime in. Love reading everyone's reports. I've walleye fished Lake Erie for years now. Really feel lucky I have the Great lakes in my back yard. I want to get my feet wet and try out the salmon and trout fishing on Lake Michigan. I've done some reading and am familiar with the lures/spoons and meat rigs. I don't fish waters over 2 footer's because I only have 17.5 foot deep V so I check conditions before I come. I'm looking to try and get out next week from some where around Frankfort. Where should I concentrate my efforts. I have downriggers/dipsy divers and planer boards. Any help would be great.

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I have not fished Frankfurt.  What I can pass on from Holland and way back to Waukegan, IL, if there is a big blow, it will be a crap shoot inside 100 FOW.  If that is where you are trolling, try closer to the bottom mid-day before hitting the entire water column sun up or sun down.  A plug down on a long line or SWR is a good set up.  Put mag spoons down and raise them if you are fishing the dusk bite.  Some starting points - hope that helps.  This time of year, stealth is not a must, fish will strike hard on short set ups.

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