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Worked 170 to 240 FOW, 42o 42’ to 42o 44’ Lat. between 1:30 & 5:30 with a 6 rod steelhead program.  Got bit 8X and would up 2 for 5, both steelhead.  Slide divers 30'-40' down saw most of the action with Greasy Chicken Wing, Monkey Puke and Green Dolphin on a copper blank spoon getting most of the action.  Basically copper/gold was the menu ticket.  Had one big screamer on a dodger/crystal fly that came off after taking at least 200' of line out.  Never got a chance to fight the fish, it had the upper hand the entire time.  Counted 10 alewifes inside the mature male steelhead.  Annoying black flies were still around.

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