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Port Sheldon 9/18 pm

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Weather looked good so made time for a quick 3 hr trip last night. Decided to head out deeper for steelhead & younger salmon. Ended up 3 for 3, 2 steelhead & 1 laker. We started in 170 FOW and trolled out to 200 with no hits. Decided to turn back east. Hit the Laker in 195 FOW and the Steelhead in 180-170 FOW.

Trolling speed was 2.6 SOG. What worked:

Rigger down 40', double orange crush spoon - 8# Laker

200' copper, Caramel Dolphin SS spoon - 11# Steelhead

Mag Braid Slide Diver 90' back, silver w/ redhead Jplug - 4# Steelhead

Didn't kill em, but not too bad for 2 hrs with lines in the water. Had a few flasher/flys and 1 meat rig out that didn't take any hits.

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Great job, thanks for the report. We got out for a couple hours last night in Grand Haven and decided to fish the mud/channel. Mark a ton and saw a few caught casting off the pier but nothing going for us. At sunset a guy on the radio said they had 3 on in 5 minutes out in 80FOW and there was a pack of charter boats out at least that far all night. We were already committed to sticking it out in close by then so we just toughed it out. Not sure if they were hitting any adult fish out there, but at least there was biting fish somewhere.

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