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Spare spools- do or would you use one?


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I have a few aluminum spools for an Okuma convector 20. They have the shaft and the clicker gear on them. Used for course, but in good condition. I was thinking they would make a nice spare to change line when fishing for different species of fish, swap out the 20lb line for 12lb without having to re-spool. Not sure if there is a need for that.


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I have some Tica SeaSpirit line counters that are specifically designed to easily swap spools. You just unscrew the "palm" side-plate cover and swap spools. In addition to the other features and price of the reels, it was a major reason that I bought them originally. My idea was to have a spool with 12# for the early season and then use the same reels with a second spool with 17 or 20# for summer/fall. Problem was finding the spools. Eventually did but they were $40 each -- yes cheaper than a whole reel but only a little under half the cost of the Tica or a SL47LCa. I still use the reels (and they are great) but never did go with the extra spools.

As for doing spare spools on the Convectors it is a good option if making the swap isn't a big PITA. You already have the spools so give it a try.

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It's not too tough changing spools on Okuma reels. Before the changes wind the line up so the level wind is all the way to one side. Cut the line at that point and tape the line down. After the spool change line the level wind up to the side that is taped down. If you don't do this the level wind will be way out of sync with the spooled line. Okumas are easy to work on. I don't think I'd try it while on a boat.:grin:

I used to get double duty out of my reels by spooling the heavier line just slightly on the light side. When I wanted to fish lighter line I'd splice on a 100yds of 10 or 12#. If the line was still good when I wanted to return to the heavy stuff I'd just wind up the lighter line on an old line spool. In other words the heavier line was a backer and the light line on top.:) Either way it not much trouble.

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