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Went out of Port Sheldon mainly to test out the repairs made to my brothers boat which did not run good last time out. His boat finally ran great so we were very happy and decided to wet a few lines. We started in 60' and worked out to about 130' going NNW into the waves with no success so we turned around and took a 5-6# King in about 115' on a free slider, NBK, with the weight down 70. We then went back through that area again marking balls of bait but had no more takers so we pointed it towards the piers. We had a hit on 300' of copper with a Carmel Dolphin which was a small Laker which we released. All in all a great night going 2 for 2 and his boat, Lef T running like a top again. July can't get here soon enough, I'm sick of June.

2013 Fish Count

Coho's : 3

King's : 17

Steelhead :

Laker's : 2

Brown's :

Total : 22

Trips : 9

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