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Racine 5-19-13 Fishing Report

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Fishing was a bit tougher on Sunday than it was on Friday. Fished from 8am until about noon and ended 16 for 26 with a handful more short hits (an extra one for me for dinner ) Started south of town in about 20 fow and did not have our first hit until we got to the zoo. From the zoo to Wind Point the action was sporadic but tons and tons of bait fish. I think the boat traffic and the extreme amount of food available contributed to the fishing slowing over the weekend. majority of fish came on dodger/flasher peanut flies but a good amount of hits came on Super Slim Double UV Mixed Veggie and Buffalo Bill Glow on down riggers.

Water is already 57 degrees on the surface. the coming weather changes could push them back out and scattered again. Hopefully not but will be back at it again on tuesday and weds!

<a  href=%7Boption%7Dhttp://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/gallery/files/1/7/5/0/img_1936.jpg' alt='img_1936.jpg'>

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Yep it changed alot from Saturday to sunday. Saturday was pretty easy for everyone and sunday morning they either moved or shut off, I think moved. I started where I got them saturday in 25ft, on Sunday, and messed around for an hour and a half without a bite. Then I pointed it East and took it all the way out to 175 catching one here and there. Fishing was better out around 150 but I just ran out of time. I agree the water is getting to warm in close and that why they moved.

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