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1st event results a great day on the water sadly for my boat we found neither numbers or size. But the weather was great calm and a bit of a breeze with on and off cloud cover. Was very suprised at the turnout as many who told me they would be there did not show up. So again it was just 10 boats and everyone got at least a couple of Silver Streak lures and a prize package. Here are the results



REEL ABSESSED 12.7 10 68.25 168.25

WIND DRIFT 13.3 10 65.85 165.85

FISHSNIFFER 10.85 10 46.2 146.2

DOUBLE J 5.5 8 19.4 99.4

7MARY3 4.5 8 16.45 96.45

1 MAINIAC 7.5 7 20.6 90.6

CHARLIES ANGEL 13.05 4 21.8 61.8

DREAMER 10.15 3 20.7 50.7

HIGH SEAS 12.95 3 19.9 49.9

INREELTROUBLE 8.35 1 8.35 18.35

Wind Drift again had the big fish and 2nd place

Reel Obsessed took first with a very nice box

Fishsniffer took 3rd

We drew boat names for the prize packages had more prize packages than boats again so every one got a nice package. Next event July 3rd weather permiting going to be a great summer sure hope the fishing picks up around Muskegon soon which once the water sets up and we get a actual thermocline it will.

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