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Supporting Membership's Update


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I have been working on a bug with the subscription part of the software. For some reason previous supporting members still had access to this area even though their supporting membership had expired. I believe this issue is resolved now.

I created an image that displays below supporting members usernames. Its now easy to recognize members who are supporting members.

I changed the way everyone went into the usergroup. Everyone use to go in as a primary user. This created issues for some members who are charter captains. Now everyone goes in as a secondary usergroup. Everyone still has all of the extra perks of being a supporting member.

For those that are unaware of all of the perks, here they are.

  • Access to this private area
  • 150 private messages
  • 20mb of storage space in the gallery
  • Ability to send pm's to users who have reached their quota
  • Can set self to invisible mode
  • Can use custom title
  • Ablitiy to post your stuff for sale in classifieds section

If anyone has any questions about any of these functions, please ask.

Thanks again for supporting this website.


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