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  1. Nice job Keith... Are those 309's on the pump handles? Does that constitute cruel and unusual punishment?
  2. Sometimes I actually target lakers and use cowbells with that all the time. I prefer the biggest bells I can find but will use small ones in a pinch. I prefer to use a dodger directly attached to the bells with a hering rig with no teasers on it. I will use a dodger fly in a pinch but I prefer hering. Sometimes I will skip the dodger and just run a spin and glow behind it. There are many methods that work, but that is what works for me.
  3. If you are talking about Green Bay, WI it happens every year in fall. All it takes is a good south blow and then you get it.
  4. Wild Duck, I used to fish out of TR and still do sometimes. Those nets arent that bad. These poor MI boys have more and a lot of them are marked with milk jugs and maybe a flag. Nothing like the marking in TR.. If they could mark them just a bit better, I wouldnt grumble about them at all, well maybe a little bit. Atleast the commercial guys in TR work with the sportfisherman a bit. Kyle
  5. I am not certain how to do pics on here, but if you message me your email, I have a bunch of them I can email.. Kyle
  6. This boat has a small cabin with a bed that can sleep 2 and a porta potti. Most of the rod holders are berts with some great lakes and a few perko's. I am willing to remove the kicker and drop the price $1000, remove rod holders and riggers and drop the price $1000, Otherwise if its gone before thanksgiving, I would sell if for $18,000 with everything on it. I also have a copy of the marine survey done on it in 2005. Make me a reasonable offer.
  7. Fishlander mag- Hey Baby Northport- Wonderbread? any brand-monkey puke
  8. If you are still looking, I have a unit that was on a boat I purchased but do not have the probe. Message me if you are interested and I will give it too you for a very fair price..
  9. Whittsend, I just discovered this site and will definately post reports next year from the WI side. I will continue to do so along with detailed info as long as it doesnt turn into the peeing match that some other sites have turned into. I will definately give out details but not coordinates We normally fish out of kewaunee and a few other ports if there is a tourney worth fishing. I just bought a new to me boat that I will be slipping there, so most of my reports will be from kewaunee, but I will have a little more room if anyone is looking for a ride on this side of the lake. Take care. Kyle
  10. Cannon Speen n Temp moniter along with power cord and antanae. It was used and on a boat I purchased. The previous owner told me it worked great. $150 THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE SENSOR. contact [email protected]
  11. I have 4 used cannon low profile swivel bases for $25 each plus shipping. [email protected]
  12. For Sale 1994 Proline 211 with hard top o 150 h.p. Yamaha o 2005 9.9 Suzuki four stroke o Electro steer for kicker o 2-Fishlander electric downriggers with third rod holder o New full enclosure in 2006 o Humminbird Matrix 97 color fish finder/ GPS with map card o Total of 33-rod holders o Raw water wash down with new pump in 2006 $19,000 Will noegotiate equiptment to lower price, just want to move it beofer winter because my new boat is here. Call 920-676-7829 or [email protected]
  13. Used Raytheon R20XX radar for sale. Complete system including the 24 mile dome, manuels,sun shields, and cover cords, and the diplay. This was on the boat I purchased and I am putting on a newer unit to integrate it into my C120 display. It worked when I tried it on my test ride and the previous owner said it worked good. $500 plus actual shipping costs. Email me for pics [email protected]
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