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  1. The Warrior flutters and little warriors have been on fire all spring and summer so far. Daddyo
  2. I have been running the Flutter spoons from Warrior Lures which are 3 3/8 inch long. We have been killing the eyes with them. Daddyo
  3. The new Warrior Flutter Spoons are awesome, from Kings, Steelhead, to Walleyes these are awesome. Daddyo
  4. JUST SAY NO. If they let one commercial netter in they all will follow suit and The Bay and huron will become a killing field. Kiss the fishery good bye. Daddyo
  5. When somebody dies they might do something, but I doubt it. Its the same thing every year, just remember we will be footing the bill for new nets. I'm pissed off again. NO NETS AND NO CASINO. Daddyo
  6. Fishhfreak is correct do not touch the top screw on the motor, if you have any questions call John Williams at Big Jon Sports 231-275-1010 super guy to deal with. Daddyo
  7. Deep water is a good place to start. Get a surface water temp map of the area your fishing, look for big temp breaks, this will give a place to start. Look for scumlines on the water, foam and all kinds of crap floating in it. Warrior spoons Double Orange Crush, and Court Jester have been hot for us as well as Streaks Orange Crush and Malibu Barbie. Speed is the key with your highlines 3.5 to 4.0 on the fishfinder or gps. Good Luck!. Daddyo
  8. Been doing good all year on Streaks, and the new Warrior spoons. Daddyo
  9. Start off your morning fishing for kings, then pick up and run to deep water and drop some highlines. As was said the post before orange, yellows and blues, will get things going, just remember to pick up your speed to 3.4 to 4.0 on the fishfinder or gps. Good Luck!. Daddyo
  10. Thanks for the welcome Guys, As Capt. Dick knows the fishing in Manistee earlier this year was hit or miss, Steelheading in deep water was very productive though. This time of the year its big Kings and lots of 3yr olds. Hope some of you will still fish this Great Port. If you dont like to fish the nets theres plenty of open water to fish, net free. I'm always willing to share info and know some good spots that are net free to fish. Thanks again Guys. Daddyo
  11. Hi All, I fish Manistee and will not let the nets scare me away. This seems like a great site you have here. And just say no to the nets and casinos. And for those that hunt, camp, and snowmobile, the tribe is coming after your rights there as well. Robert
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