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  1. Was 1 for 1. Fished 11 to 1:30. Water was 34 degrees in the harbor. Picked up one coho with a black and silver jointed rapala 100 feet behind planer board. Fish hit in front of the rock pile that's in front of the loomis st docks. The city has one dock in.
  2. Was wondering if anyone has ever disabled a 1996 evinrude ocean pro 150 vro pump. The motor either uses tons of oil and runs rough or the alarm goes off depending on what mechanic adjusted it last. I have watched several videos on how to do it and pre mix my own gas and oil. Also heard you get better idle and better fuel mileage. Any input and opinions and instruction is welcome.
  3. I just purchased two of the dxt 30's. It looks like the crank handle is larger and more solid. Also as stated above the anti reverse engages quicker than the dx plus the re-set for the counter has been improved. The button is now on the side of the counter housing which will help keep dirt debris and water out of the counter. The button on the dx or older style is on top and after a few years tends to get stuck in the presses in position when you re-set the counter
  4. I have done well with only my two downriggers skipping the bottom when the boat rolled in the waves. I also run a diver off each side but I do not let them contact bottom because I don't debris on my divers. The spin docs and spin and glows don't usually pic up bottom debris because the spin n glow floats and usually stays clear of the bottom. Expereiment wih lead lengths behind the ball though. One year south of Ludington we were getting the lake trout with a 70 ft lead behind the ball with tin can dodgers and spin and glows. A local charter captain was struggling with catching trout near us that day. After talking with him on the phone he could not believe we were running that long of lead. He tried it and started to catch fish. I have also had days in Frankfort where we only ran 15 ft leads and caught limits. Good luck .
  5. No barometer here. I just fish no matter what whenever I get the chance.
  6. I figured that was the case
  7. Just out of curiosity, how many of you run the black box system on your boats. I have heard of them befor and how they effect the fish through putting or taking electricity in the water. Not positive on how they actually work. Just wondering if I'm missing out on some good technologies or are they not really on every other boat you see. I personally don't know anyone who uses one but am curious whether or not they produce more fish. Thanks
  8. Your not alone. I have been gearing up for next season as well.
  9. OKuma has a decent rod that would work. I think it comes in ten foot for length. These would be good for fishing bait like spawn/alewife. Fenwick makes an affordable spinning rod that would be good for casting baits with. OKuma connoisseur or fenwick hmx. Shimano clarus is a good one too but they are around $100
  10. Thanks. We sure could use some better brown fishing up this way.
  11. Good info. Did I read it right? Brown plants will be moved to the NW part of the state. For many years it has been hard work to catch brown trout in the spring around Frankfort. A few extra sure wouldn't hurt.
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