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  1. We also run 3 and 5 colors in spring and 7 and 10 colors in fall fish seem to be up higher in spring that was for your full half core rods.. as in diagram above and with run a 7 or 10 colors instead of copper or no copper at all in spring.. some even long line baits like diving reef runners cause fish don' get that deep in spring.. but in fall we run copper 7 and 10 colors on the planner boards.. along with down riggers dipseys as in wire and braid rods.. get the a school of bait look they can' refuse and dial in on them at depths.. always good to wright down depths that stuff is set at maybe dry erase board etc.. so you know what the rods are set at when you get a fish!
  2. Good replies guys also rember to keep boat in gear while fighting fish.. if you can.. this way you don' get a big tagle up in the end...also fight fish in the the prop wash right up the back of the boat while moving.. every thing goes right to the center of the prop wash while boats in gear moving.. and net it in the prop wash.. also rember to clear boards inside first outside last.. if the fish is that big some times you got to pull all the rods rigers so on.. just to stop the boat to recover line so keep it in mind.. but most of the time we fight the fish up the prop wash..
  3. Exactly go clear mono or flurocarbon in lightest line posible.. and ya I have notice a difference between flurocarbon and lo vis green mono as in catch rate.. more fish for the clear flurocarbon
  4. Looks like it maybe early this year ?? Were teetering on the edge of a warm up right now.. it will be 45*f this friday low of 40*f if I was you I would plan two trips one around first or secound week of March.. if you hit them then keep going every week end. the other the beginning of April like you were thinking.. I thinking it will be early this year. Heard some report people were starting in end of Febuary for coho' steel browns etc.. this year .. looking at local weather makes me think it will be early like there thinking.. but will see when it gets here.. you could check ice via Web cams.. of the piers?? Once ice is gone get out there!!
  5. That' exacly what I use on the piers and in the river.. medium lite 9 foot 6 inch. But quick question are you casting spoons or are you fishing live bait on a pier float rig??if casting spoons a 8 foot 6inch to 9 foot medium or medium heavy.. even seen a few heavy rods that were not bad for casting larger moonshine spoons. You really got to look at what your planning on doing with it.. for most general purpose stuff a medium lite or medium is perfect.. with the medium lite you can run 6 and 8 pound test leads for steel head and small coho' in spring.. and up it to 12 pound in fall for salmon.. with a medium it harder to use small stuff in the river cause you cant feel bottom with rod.. I usally run braid in fall 30# to be exact on a 10 foot 6 inch okuma guide slected and or a okuma Celio 9 foot 6 inch bolth medium lite rods... once winter gets here I change back to mono main line of 12 #with leads for 10#to 6#... any how I can handle around 5 to 6 ounces on my mL rods.. with pier float rigs I use surf claws sinkers even pyramid sinkers to bulldozer sinkers these sinkers help with roll and holding bottom . .. okuma makes a great rod so does fenwick and shimano I prefer okuma cause the higher end has lifetime warranties.. unlike shimano any more.. I think fenwick does but I don' think they ever include the salmon sTeel head series.. if you know any one who builds rods batson enterprises bought Garry Loomis new company and have some really nice rod blanks .. other then that get a good reel and let the fish run best you can...
  6. Go with a medium lite.. the medium and medium heavy are to stiff in back bone requiring more Weight and heavier leads when you want lighter leads for line shy fish.. i use 6 and 8 pound for steel and 10 or 12 pound for salmon and will run 12 #mono main line for steel and 30#braid main line for salmon .. I would get a reel that smooth like a shimano sedona c5000 same as I use for salmon and steel head. That reel has enough capacity for large running fish.. Dont for get you need a seat and a peir cart... and if you have been ice fishing I would leave the hub shanty out and heater to sit in while fishing for browns and steel this spring..
  7. Been fishing since I was 2. Joining out of boredom.. so hopefully you can teach a old dog new tricks..
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