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  1. He knew how to "get it done" for sure.
  2. Yes he is. Doesn't post anymore. He got tired of being bashed for posting limits of walleye.
  3. Hear some lakers and couple salmon caught in 100 FOW. I'll be up by this Harrisville this weekend trying for anything out of Black River. Haven't fished there for 3 years but gonna try and see if I can catch something. Used to catch lots of kings there before the crash.
  4. Went out this morning w/ Fishawk from Grand Rapids. Went 5 for 6. Two 20 lb kings, couple 12 lb kings and 7 lb steelhead. Fished in 80-100 FOW and temp was 55 feet down. Best setups were wire divers w/ paddles and flies. Great day and going again in the AM. Good luck.
  5. If you want to launch from that area again, go out of Gambills, Linwood or Eagle Bay Marina in Standish. Gambills is OK for boats under 20' and Eagle is good launch for all sizes.
  6. Interesting that chart says Lake Huron lake trout up to 26" is OK for 1 meal per week. For Lake Michigan, do not eat any size. What, LK Mich is more polluted than Huron? I'll continue to the occasional lake trout if I catch it. Like the previous post said, if we stop eating everything bad, might as well just kick the bucket right now. TV news said fried fish is bad for you. Not about to give up an occasional fried walleye dinner.
  7. "Man Frank you were creeping along." I think Frank was trying to say we were doin 1 1/2 MPH, not 1/2 MPH.
  8. Hey Jason, Roger here. Met you at AuGres Stinger walleye tourney. Here's some info from Iosco News. "A few kings and lots of lake trout are biting in about 90-100 feet of water on Lake Huron. Dave of Hawg’s Bait and Tackle said perch fishing has slowed right down at the Tawas State Dock. Some walleye have moved into the bay, most of which are being caught in 17 feet of water trolling crawler harnesses." Roger here again. I know a few years ago fishing used to be good for salmon and lakers off Ausable Point in 100-120 fow. For walleye, I think they get some around artificial reef which is somewhere between State dock and Jerrys Marina. Hope this helps. BTW Priority 1 is salmon slammin in Manistee right now. Would have gone w/ him but had other things happening. You gonna be in Tawas over Labor Day weekend? If so and you need a rider, give me a shout. I'll be at my cottage up by Harrisville for the weekend.
  9. Where is this marker? (what port) Is it something you have to steer clear of? Thanks in advance.
  10. FWIW Here's a report from another board. "PORT AUSTIN SALMON FISHING: So far, nothing in regards to silver, heard on the radio a few being caught, but I couldnt get anything going. Greasers were there in big numbers, so yea, pretty much the same (IE nada)
  11. "1/2 cor /clown down 45 on a out and down " Guess I must be a neophyte. What is "out and down"? Is that just slang for downrigger?? Thanks in advance.
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