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  1. I'm very similar to Far Beyond Driven. I don't ask for money, but those that don't offer don't generally get invited back. The better the donation, the further up the list they go as long as I enjoy their company, etc. People usually donate $30-$50. If someone asks, I usually tell them $40.
  2. (2) sets of (3) of Bert's Ratcheting rod holders on 17" track. Polished aluminum. Good condition. $350 plus shipping Gordy 616 - nine 1 five - one 1 9 4 grsible at gmail dot com
  3. (2) Like new Captain's Pack electrics, only used a few times. Includes ball cradle and dual rod holders. $600 6" Big Jon pedestals, like new. $75 Bert's Swivel bases, like new. $120 Plus shipping Gordy 616 - nine 1 five - one 1 9 4
  4. Very lightly used, I didn't have it for long before I sold the boat that it was on and the new boat already has one. Works with any Raymarine SeaTalk autopilot. Line of sight not required. $300 plus shipping. Gordy 616 - nine 1 five - 11 nine four
  5. You should be in the correct RPM range at WOT with an average load. Yes you should get about 200 RPM per inch of pitch, but slight prop design differences can change things drastically, especially on an under-powered boat (in my experience). I couldn't run a Quicksilver prop on my last boat but the "same" prop in a Mercruiser worked fine. I went through at least 6 different props on that boat before I found the right one. Unfortunately it took me that many tries to discover that it really needed a Merc prop. Not sure where you're located but if you're around Grand Rapids, MI, West Michigan Propeller will let you exchange and I believe return props as long as you bring them back within a few days. Get 2-3 at a time and try them. When you find one that works, buy a spare. You'll likely see much higher RPM in a 13 pitch prop even with a larger diameter (if that'll fit), and that's if you can even find one. If you're running a stainless, try aluminum in the 17 pitch. The flex in the blades and different design (likely much less cup) might do it. This is all assuming your boat is running correctly and not over-loaded. There are a lot of things that can cause low RPM and the prop is probably the last thing I'd mess with, especially if it's close to correct (like yours is). I don't know a thing about 2-strokes but if it was an I/O or inboard, I'd check timing, plugs, wires, distributor, fuel filters, and compression first, and maybe even the carb.
  6. Fish Hawk 840 I bought the new X4-D and no longer need this unit. New power cable and mounting bracket. Probe is in good condition, standard 840 probe. Display works and looks good. $200 plus shipping. Send me a PM or call me. Gordy six 1 six - nine 1 five - one 1 nine 4
  7. I have 3 used Brutes ES's that should be available after the weekend. $1,500. Send me a PM with your contact info if you're interested. The only reason I'm selling is that I bought a boat that has them on it and I'm selling a boat that currently has them on it and the buyer doesn't want them (he already has them as well). New or used, I think the Brutes are a good value. Tough, simple, and fast.
  8. More pics Storage for (34) 10"-13" flashers in the first drawer and over (50) 8" flashers in the second drawer. I used the last drawer for boards and dipsies, it'll hold a bunch of them.
  9. I'm not sure why my pictures aren't showing up???
  10. 1984, 26' Stamas Sport Cruiser. I hate to see it go, but I recently bought a bigger boat to suit family needs better. This is a great boat, just a little tight for the family with all the gear I have. - New 383 stroker (est 350 HP) (new last spring, under 200 hours) - New Mercruiser lower unit last year (under warranty) - Remote oil filter - Raymarine X-5 auto pilot - Bennett trim tabs with trim position indicator (newer) - Lowrance HDS 5 w/ B60 through-hull transducer - Drop curtain and aft curtain (new 2 years ago) - 3 Big Jon Brute downriggers - 2 sets of Big Jon double HD ratcheting rod holders - Big Jon 4 rod trees - 4 additional rod holders, 2 Traxstech & 2 Fishlander - (12) rod rocket launcher (stainless steel) - Coastal Night Lights spreader lights (one is broken in the pics but I have the replacement) - 3 year old vinyl motor cover. I also have enough vinyl to redo the seats and interior sides of the boat. - (2) newer 27 series batteries - On-board battery charger - Battery isolator - Newer Uniden radio with DSC - New sound-deading insulation in the floor and motor cover last spring (very good stuff, $500 not including installation +/-) - New striping 2 seasons ago. - Porta jon head head with pump-out - Lots of tackle storage, (2) 24" deep drawers set up for flasher storage and one for planer boards, dipsies, etc. (1) open shelf in the cabin set up for Plano boxes (holds about 8 boxes) and swim noodles. Bottom paint - Interlux VC-17 over Interlux InterProtect 2000E, new about 5 years ago and have only slipped the boat the last 2 years. VC-17 needs to be touched up at the water line but this will be done this weekend. Performance. - It's a heavy boat, 7,200 lbs dry, closer to 8,000 lbs loaded. It was set up for tournament fishing, which is why I put the 383 stroker in it. 4 average sized guys and gear, it'll easily do 30 MPH, more likely 32 and cruise at 27. Light load I'm guessing 35 MPH and cruise at 30. It's a great rough water boat, just trim it down and it slices through waves without hammering. Fishing - Great fishing boat with a surprisingly big cockpit for a boat this size. Trolls easily at 2.7 mph without bags, as slow as you want with bags. EZ-Loader trailer - it's a little ugly but it tows nice. LED lights. Needs breaks. $13,500 firm. Located near Grand Rapids, MI. Gordy 616-915-1194 Truck is for sale too - 1999 GMC, loaded except leather, only 30,000 miles, 454, 4x4. $16,500
  11. Crush or slick glow white or pearl fish scale.
  12. As mentioned above, use a Scotty auto stop bead on each side of the Big Jon bead. The Scotty's are too small to activate the Big Jon switch.
  13. Check out thehulltruth.com for boat repair issues. Or iboats.com. I think you are on the right track but I'd thicken the epoxy and not bother with the wood dowels. Wet your holes out good with straight (or even thinned) epoxy, let it cure, then fill them with thickened epoxy, then apply your gelcoat repair. Filling the bigger holes might take more than one application. http://www.jamestowndistributors.com/userportal/show_product.do?pid=2035&familyName=WEST+System+406+Colloidal+Silica
  14. Just try to stay on the west side of Grand Rapids, it's a pretty short drive to Holland or GH from just about anywhere on the west side. We live in Ada and it's 40-50 minutes. We like it there but I wish we were closer to the lake, and not just for fishing.
  15. I wanted to share a good experience I had yesterday with Chris, the owner of Coastal Night Lights. I had a light "failure" I'll call it, last summer, which was in no way the fault of the light. I sent Chris an email yesterday asking if the light could be repaired or if I should buy a new one. Within a few minutes he replied, asking if I was still at the same address the previous order was sent to and that he would have a new light out the next day, no charge. He makes a great light, and obviously the service is exceptional. If you're looking for LED spreader lights, take a look at his lights.
  16. I have power assisted mechanical on my boat (heavy 26' fiberglass) and can hold a course in almost any conditions with the Raymarine SPX5R. 2 mph is no issue either. Nauti - it makes it quite a bit harder to steer. That is probably my biggest complaint. That, and it's a bit noisy.
  17. I don't have any recent experience with chamber machines but I bought a Cyclone (similar to but much better than food saver) from Kent Butcher's Supply in Grandville and I'm very happy with it. They have several chamber machines in their showroom, I would highly recommend going there and talking with them. Very knowledgeable and of course it's always nice to buy local.
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