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  1. Updated List 1 Tekota 800 $150 4 Tekota 700 $150 each 4 Tekota 800LC $160 each 2 Tekota 700LC $160 each email me @[email protected] if interested
  2. I have quite a few slightly used reels that I am getting rid of. I thought I got them all out over the winter but after going through my stuff I still have some. These were all used one season and the line has been stripped off. 4- Tekota 800 LC $160 each 4- Tekota 700 LC $160 each 4-Tekota 800 $150 each 4- Tekota 700 $150 each 1- Tekota 500LC $125 1- Shimano Charter Special $70 1- Penn GTI 320LC $60 email me if interested and we can work out shipping..... [email protected]
  3. I have 4 slightly used only one year old traxtech ratcheting rod holders. These holders work perfect for divers or boards so you can easily grab the rod out of the holder. They retail new for $129.99 a piece 4 shipped to your door step $240 email: [email protected] if interested
  4. Thank you very much for your business your order is packed and will ship tomorrow.
  5. Check out our HOT SALE page we just added 4 colors of Fish Hawk 107mm divers. Regular Price: $14.99 Sale Price: $5.00
  6. The Sheboygan Fishing Show is coming up quick who is all making the trip this year?
  7. Ryan, I will be in GR and we will have all of our stuff. I can't promise we will have every custom as the show season gets crazy and we do run out of stuff but we will try!!
  8. KJ Pluggin I have found at least for me glow has been more of a time of year thing than time of day. August and September glow produces well as the fish finalize there maturation process. In June and July i do much better on chrome and stuff with uv.
  9. Enjoy guys I hope these catch as many big kings for you this year as they did for me last! http://www.anglersavenueproshop.com/blog/2015-custom-color-stinger-flashers/ http://www.anglersavenueproshop.com/blog/2015-custom-color-spin-doctor-release/
  10. http://www.anglersavenueproshop.com/blog/custom-versus-standard/ Enjoy!
  11. I have 2 traxstech 4 rod bird trees for sale. New they retail for $389.99 ea I am asking $500 for the pair they are in great condition and are 1 year old. Email [email protected] if u are interested SOLD
  12. March 7th & 8th Free Entry Into Show Blue Harbor Resort in Sheboygan Wisconsin (Hosted by Anglers Avenue) Show Hours: 9 a.m-5 p.m. on Saturday & 9 a.m.-3p.m. on Sunday This is the show you want to be at if you are a Lake Michigan Salmon fisherman! Lots of vendors on hand like: Silver Horde, Michigan Stinger, Pro-Troll, Pro King, Dreamweaver, Finn Spoons, SooperFly, Okuma, Shimano, Off Shore Tackle, Yakima Bait, Moonshine Lures, Rapture Trolling Flies, Torpedo Divers, Salmon Candy, Fish Hawk, Big Jon, Morgans Tackle The list above is awesome if you ask me there is no other show around Lake Michigan that large of an amount of salmon manufactures will be present at. Here is our seminar schedule for the show March 7th 10 A.M. Jason Pranger & Ray VanZytfeld Team Early Bird/Salmon Showdown Team Tactics To Single Out Big Fish 1 P.M. Jeff Bonnin & Jason Coslow Rapture Trolling Flies/KC 1 Sportfishing Fishing Multi Species on Lake Michigan 3 P.M. Adam Cochart Bay Lake Charters LLC Catch Fish In All Conditions March 8th 10 A.M. Russell & George Gahagan Anglers Avenue Sportfishing Put More Fish In The Cooler IN 2015 2 Hour Seminar 1 P.M. Tony Wiatrowski Morgans Tackle Company/Team Break Time Eastside Tactics
  13. http://www.anglersavenueproshop.com/blog/
  14. Here is a picture of the OR18 snapper release. These are great! Boards are expensive and all it takes is to lose one and you could have bought 6 of these releases so keep that in mind when you are adding up the purchase.
  15. Here is a video on some keys to choosing the right style of plug, color and size for the conditions. http://www.anglersavenueproshop.com/videos/
  16. Also you can replace the or-16 with a or18 snapper release. That is basically a bullet proof release that won't allow the line out but adds more upfront cost.
  17. jimcr, This setup will work on any board. I do lose a board from time to time and if thats a concern you could replace the or16 with a or18 as some of my customers do. It does add about 10 in initial cost but takes any chance of the board coming undone away. The only time i lose one is when the pad is worn in the or16 and i didn't change it.
  18. Guys I wanted to share this video I made talking about how to rig a planer board with a Sam's Pro Release so you don't have to fight the board and the fish.
  19. We have sold tons of them and everyone seems to love them.
  20. Check out this blog guys. I took the time to write a year end review in hopes that the things I have learned will help put more fish in the boat during 2015 for you! http://www.anglersavenueproshop.com/blog/
  21. Thanks guys. If anyone has any thoughts or insight on the new webstore feel free to share!
  22. As I have been working on our new online store I starting uploading powerpoint presentations on the site. These presentations are about various topics to help all of us catch more fish. These are the ones I used last off season during seminars and salmon schools. Just click the topics and it will download the presentation play it as a slide show and enjoy! http://www.anglersavenueproshop.com/powerpoints/
  23. Price to move 4 Tekota 800LC $100 each 1 Tekota 500LC $100
  24. I have sold most and found a couple more this an update on whats left: 4 Tekota 800LC $150 each 1 Tekota 800 $125 1 Tekota 500LC $125
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