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  1. Pro-Troll, Stinger, Pro King Flasher 8inch Lot 36 Flashers $250 shipping included to anywhere in the U.S. Spin Doctor and 11 inch pro-troll lot 36 flashers $250 shipping included to anywhere in the U.S. Fish Shaped Blade lot $100 shipped anywhere in the U.S.
  2. ist of reels I have for sale. These are all used less than one year and in mint condition....... I have quantity of (6) Okuma Coldwater 303D filled with 50lb power pro $90 each reel quantity of (4) Shimano Tekota 600LC $125 each reel quantity of (3) Shimano Tekota 500LC $125 each reel quantity of (3) Shimano Tekota 800LC $175 each reel quantity of (1) Shimano Tekota 600 $100 quantity of (1) Penn GT320LC $70 email me [email protected] if interested all payments will go through paypal these prices are firm
  3. I have all the rods and reels a guy would need to fish salmon on any level. All of the rods and reels were only used this season and are in good condition. Most of them are fully set up with line. There is 25 Okuma rods a mix of Big Lake Series and Coldwater series. There is 32 reels mostly Okuma Coldwaters but a few convectors. I am willing to move these are a HUGE discount from New even though they are just slightly used and probably have around $1,000 worth of line. If you are interested I would be glad to email you a full list of rods and reels and a price. I would prefer to sell all together. Email me at [email protected]
  4. Sheboygan fishing is darn good right now! Mix bags of fishing are being caught anywhere from 100ft-250ft of water. The water is starting to warm and approach more normal temps. Flasher/Fly combos still remain the best. Steelhead are coming in the top 50 with kings, cohos and lakers coming in the 40-80 down range. The weekend appears to be bringing some south winds and warmer weather. Now is the time to get out on Lake Michigan and start enjoying the fishing season cause it's here and will go by fast.
  5. I have a new in the box Fish Hawk X4 D unit. Will sell for a good price. email me at [email protected] if interested
  6. Over the years I have preached that I don't believe in running two of the exact same baits at the same time. There is no logical reasoning for it just superstition. With that said one thing I do love to do and want everyone to try and do more of is fish similar patterns. Pictured with this tip is 3 very similar patterns in the middle is arguably the hottest flasher in Wisconsin the past two seasons Dragon Slayer. The left is Blue Dragon Slayer and on the right is Radioactive. The only difference between the 3 is the main color on the blade. The ladderbacks and Uv tape are the same on each. When the dragon slayer flasher is red hot like it usually is putting these other two are a must! Another good trick is say the dragon slayer is 71 down on a rigger and it takes off fire one of these two blades on one of your other riggers to 71 down as u work that fish to the boat! Good Luck
  7. This morning was nice the lake was calm for once and the big kings were biting!! Fished from 5am-1030am boating 7 adult kings from 12#-25# and losing 5 more. 40-75 down in the water column seem to be the area to stack our rods. Flashers/Flies out produced meat today which was nice and made things easier. Only one meat bite all morning. Chrome flashers with Mercy UV, X factor UV and Illumantion Salmon Candy flies were the best. We will see what the wind brings and where the fish move around too but if they stay put it could be a very fun rest of June!
  8. This past weekend was the Sheboygan Salmon Cup tournament. Boats from all around Lake Michigan participated in the event and found some nice fish. For weeks up until the event fishing was dismal. While it still isn't red hot it did get better as the week went on with some boats catching as many as 15 fish. King Salmon made up the volume of the better catches and boats found them from Manitowoc all the way own to south of Port Washington. The Anglers Avenue team that I captain was lucky enough to come out on top and I wanted to share some of our successful tackle from the weekend with everyone. We had 5 baits that were the most productive for us: 1. Prototype Michigan Stinger Black Mamba UV flasher with rapture code red teasers and a John King raging red head. This was the bait my 5 yr old Lilly landed the biggest fish of the weekend on which was a 20# king 2. Harv's Black Friday Stinger flasher with a Mercy UV salmon candy fly was productive 3. Pro King's Dragon Slayer flasher with a Illumination salmon candy fly 4. Prototype Michigan Stinger flasher Jerry's Mistress with Rapture Illusion teasers and a John King SUV head 5. Black Edge stinger flasher with the same rig as the Black Mamba Thought the season we catch fish on lots of different gear by many different manufacturers but as some rigs become HOT I love sharing them with fellow fisherman so they can catch more fish. The best fishing was n 120-150ft of water with most of the fish coming in the 35-60 ft down range
  9. This is a very nice used in perfect working order Lowrance 111C. I took it off my new to me used boat today. This is the head unit only with the cover. Great chance for someone with a smaller unit to get a 10 inch color screen. Will ship. contact me at [email protected]
  10. This is whats left 1 Clarion 454D w/copper 1 Shimano TDR 8'M 1 Penn GTI 1 9'0 Talora Copper Rod 1 9' MH TDR 1 8' TDR M 1 9' M Talora 1 600 Tekota Email [email protected] if interested
  11. After finishing the basement cleaning and garage this is my final list of stuff: Email [email protected] 1 Clarion 454D with copper $70 1 8' M Shimano TDR $18 1 Penn 320GTI $50 4 8' ML Shimano Talora $30 each 2 10MH Shimano Talora $40 each 3 10'6 Shimano Talora $40 each 2 Okuma Convector 30D with mono $50 each 1 9'0 Talora Copper Rod $50 1 Diawa Sealine 47 with wire $70 1 9' MH TDR $18 1 8'M TDR $18 1 9'M Talora $40 1 Tekota 600 $100 1 Tekota 600LC $120 1 Convector 55L with copper $70 I have a few other tackle and equipment stuff let me know if you are looking for anything in particular. Between loading the boat and selling on here the basement and garage are empty!
  12. Memorial day weekend brought warm weather and a few fish in coolers of some of the local charter boats. Any action is better than what we have been seeing. King salmon seem to be coming on flasher/fly combos 30-60 down in 60-100 ft of water. Good luck and I hope u enjoy your memorial day monday.
  13. I have a used in great condition and perfect working order Standard Horizon GPS Chart 150 C. This unit comes with a mapping chip for lake superior and lake michigan. Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested.
  14. I have (2) Cannon Digitroll IV Downriggers in great condition with Marinco plugs on them. I am asking $400 each for them and they can be picked up in Sheboygan or will ship if the buyer wants to pay. Email me at [email protected] if interested.
  15. Everything in this post is sold I am still sorting so may have more. Thanks!
  16. I just found 2 700 tekotas with lead core on them very clean. $135 each
  17. I have a slightly used Grizzly 400 quart cooler. This is a big boy that would be great for camping or hunting trips. Also for fishing tournaments who what to use it as a fish donation box. It's too big to ship so must pick up in Sheboygan Wisconsin. $450 Email if interested [email protected]
  18. After going through all rods and reels sold and checking the basement and garage here is an updated list of what I have available with prices...... 5 Shimano TDR 8'6 M rods $18 each 2 Talora 9'0 MH rods $40 each 2 Talora 10'0 MH $40 each 1 Talora 9' M $40 each 3 Talora 8' ML $40 each 1 Shimano TDR 8' M $18 each 3 Okuma Classic Pro Copper Rod $20 1 Talora 10'6 M $40 1 Talora 8' Wire Rod $75 1 TDR 9' MH $18 1 Tekota 800 with 175ft copper $120 1 Tekota 700LC with wire $135 1 Tekota 600LC $120 1 Convector 55L with 300ft Copper $60 1 454D Clarion with 200ft copper $60 1 Convector 30D with mono $40 2 Shimano Charter Specials with mono $40 each 2 Penn 320 GTI LC with mono $45 each 1 Convector 45D with 200ft of copper $60 1 Convector 55L with 450ft of copper $80 email me at [email protected]
  19. I have a assortment if Taloras and Tekotas that were fished 1 season. Most have line on them that is virtually new. Email me @ [email protected] to request pricing and list of whats left. Great pricing
  20. Now is the perfect time of year to go through you gear and get everything ready for the season. With the Grand Rapids show coming up anyone attending its time to see what you are out of and what you need more of. I just went through all of my flashers the other day re-organized the boxes and cleaned out the old black flies that died in the bottom of the clear plano box. When I talk to fisherman all winter and spring and guys say what is the most important thing to become a better fisherman the first thing I saw is ORGANIZATION! Knowing where everything is and to be able to get to it quickly really helps. If anyone has any tips for everyone on this forum post them here as I feel we can all get better at this.
  21. Brokeoff, I think you can buy fluorescent green paint markers at hobby stores. They will work fine.
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