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  1. Another wed night league in the books. Our team had a successful night of fishing after battiling the waves for a while. Flashers continue to dominate with the mature kings. Custom Pro Troll flashers from www.customfishingproducts.com in chartruse blade/mt dew front/crackedice glow back (known as diet dew) and the new Ultra Glow Blue Dolphins were the two most productive yesterday. Flies 21-24 inches behind the flasher in greens and mirage were best. Good luck and safe fishing. Russell Gahagan
  2. Fished friday afternoon 1:30 till about 5:00. Caught 15 fish and miss at least that many. Between hyper kings and the wifes first time for the year we managed to lose our first 6 mature kings we had on. Still had a great day with lots of action. Rainbows coming on lead core and weighted flat lines. Stingers and Stingrays in oranges and blues have been best. Pro troll flashers on divers and riggers were best for kings. The new UV plaid 8 inch flasher was goos. Also custom taped flashers from www.customfishingproducts.com in blue blade w/blue bubble tape, green blade double cracked ice and blue blade double cracked ice were all reall good. 70 to 100 feet of water stright out and to the north was best. Good Luck! Russell Gahagan
  3. Good luck to all!! Hope you enjoy the products. Russell Gahagan Custom Fishing Products
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