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  1. Sheboygan June 1 Fishing Report https://youtu.be/k9HhqqA9Drs Good Luck
  2. Sheboygan Video Report 4/2/17 http://www.anglersavenueproshop.com/blog/ Action is red hot guys hope all of you can get in on some
  3. The regular size slide diver on a #4 setting generally out between 60-100ft with about 30-50 feet lead behind the diver to a spoon. I use 20# mono for a leader from the barrel swivel to the spoon swivel. Hope this helps!
  4. 2017 Buyers Guide I wanted to share my 2017 Buyers Guide I created to help guys get a heads up for 2017. Enjoy... http://www.anglersavenueproshop.com/blog/2017-anglers-avenue-buyers-guide/
  5. Used Rods, Combos and New Cisco Rod Tree1 Coldwater 303D with 50lb braid on a 8ft Okuma Big Lake Tournament Copper rod over $200 retail Asking $1001 Coldwater 303D with braid backer and 1 color leadcore on a 8ft Okuma Big Lake Tournament Copper rod over $200 retail Asking $100(2) Shimano 8ft wire roller rods retail $139.99 eachasking $80 each or $150 for pair (2) Okuma Classic Pro 8'6 copper rods$25 each of or $40 for the pair(2) okuma cold water 10'6 dipsy rods $79.99 retail each$45 each or $80 pair(2) shimano talora 7ft ml downrigger rods $69.99 retail each$35 each or $60 for the pair(2) shimano talora 10'0 m dipsy rods $79.99 retail each$45 each or $80 for the pair(2) Cisco Tree Mast 3 Rod Holder all rods holders fully adjustable tube angle thumb screw mounting retail for $779.98 for the pair $500 brand new in box email [email protected] if interested all payments will be PayPal and we can discuss shipping costs
  6. I have the following reels for sale all have no box.....4 Used Abu Garcia 7000 c3 they are all in good working condition and on eBay they are going for $80-120 each used. $55 each or all 4 for $2001 Okuma Convector 55L (new) $80 2 Okuma Convector 55L with braid and copper (new) $100 each or $180 pair4 Okuma Convector 30DS high speed (new) $75 each or $280 for 41 Penn GTI (new) with 200 copper $901 Okuma Coldwater 253D (new) $751 Okuma Magda Pro 20 (new) $301 Okuma Magda Pro 30 (new) $301 Okuma Convector 15D (new) $60This will be first paid first get. We will agree to a shipping price based on how many you purchase and where you live. Please email [email protected] if interested
  7. Enjoy guys and good luck! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pesXNHzXrms
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNbNE0ktyDk http://www.anglersavenueproshop.com/pre-rigged-dodger-spin-n-glos/
  9. http://www.anglersavenueproshop.com/blog/ Enjoy guys!
  10. We have our new 2016 custom spin doctors and stinger flashers loaded on our site and ready to ship. All the new colors have (new 2016) next to the name. Check them out...... attached are some pics of a few of the new ones http://www.anglersavenueproshop.com
  11. Check out the new OFF Shore SST Pro Mag Boards We have them available on our website www.anglersavenueproshop.com Check out the video
  12. until

    Anglers Avenue will have a lot of tackle for sale at the Greater Niagara Show. We have 5 booth spaces worth of stuff so stop by and see us.
  13. You can fit 250 yards of 50# power pro with 200' of copper. That is our most popular selling setup for 200'.
  14. We are offering a special run of custom painted Finger Lakes Tackle flashers get on our site this morning and get some while they last! http://www.anglersavenueproshop.com/finger-lakes-tackle-custom-painted-flashers/
  15. I have a few brand new in box Okuma Reels that I didnt use from last year. Qty (5) Convector 55L $75 each Qty(2) Coldwater 453D $75 each email me at [email protected] if interested
  16. Used Rods all 1 year old rods Okuma Big Lake Tournament Series 8ft Wire rods open eyes with swivel tips Retail price 109.95 each Used price $60 each or $115 for the pair Okuma Big Lake Series Copper rods (2) 9ft (8) 8ft Retail price $89.99 Used Price $45 each Okuma Big Lake Series 8ft m Downriggers rods (2) Retail Price $69.99 each Used price $30 each 10' mh diver rods (2) Retail Price $79.99 each Used price $30 each Okuma Coldwater rods All retail for $79.99 Used price $35 each (9) 8'6 m downrigger or planer board rods All Coldwater rods has limited lifetime warranty and the big lake series have 4 years left of a 5 year warranty Email me if interested and to discuss details at [email protected]
  17. I am looking to buy Luhr Jensen size 0 dodger in color of silver glo. Also known as the following nicknames tin can, trash can, smoke ect Maybe interested in other dodgers as well Willing to pay fair price Email me at [email protected]
  18. http://www.anglersavenueproshop.com/blog/fishing-report-6292015/ Good Luck
  19. Enjoy and good luck! http://www.anglersavenueproshop.com/blog/fishing-report-62215-from-fathers-day-weekend/
  20. Sheboygan Report http://www.anglersavenueproshop.com/blog/fishing-report-61715/ Good Luck!
  21. http://www.anglersavenueproshop.com/blog/fishing-report-61115/ Attached is our updated blog fishing report. Fishing is heating up in Sheboygan so get out there and catch some fish!
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