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  1. Correct, the main channel under the Blossomland bridge (the 2nd bridge closest to the train bridge) has a utility cable that came up. Just use one of the other sides, water level is good in that section. It is well marked.
  2. I recently bought a Lowrance 522C, was on sale at Cabelas for $499. Used for the first time this morning on Lake Michigan and so far I like it.
  3. Docks at the DNR launch are not in yet. The St Joe launch docks are in, but the shore end of the docks is under water.
  4. Mike, target the fish that are just down from the inlet of circulating water. Those fish seem to be looking for food as it comes down stream.
  5. Took my boat out this am for a shakedown cruise, my kids had the day off for end of marking period so I had a good crew. We launched at the Benton Harbor DNR launch. The river is still high and fast, but the water level in front of Tackle Haven was only 2 foot, might be a problem when the river level drops back to normal. No problems with the boat, the new fish finder/GPS worked great too (Lowrance 522C) We fished south of the piers from 8-11 am. Only had one hit, about 9 am, the fish did not stay on long. We stayed in shallow, water temps were 35-37 degrees. It is still a bit early, should pick up soon.
  6. Wow Mike, that was a close call. Glad you will heal and be fine. Hope you get well enough to go to D&R this Saturday, if you do I will be sure and find you to say hi.
  7. Blackberry Curve, with AT&T. Use is mostly for work email.
  8. What state were you hunting, Ohio?
  9. I plan to hunt it, the more opportunity for deer hunting the better. I hunt all private farm/wooded land in Cass county and we need to take more does. I will be careful and set up in an area I do not plan to bow hunt later. But, my luck is Mr BuckOfaLifetime will come strolling by anyway, just like during the late doe season last year.
  10. Not legal. The farm fuel use tax exemption does not apply to uses other than producing agricultural products or providing horticultural services. Also, the exemption does not apply to any use of the fuel by someone other than a farm fuel user.
  11. There is a tax rebate you can file but it only applies to gas used for off road business use, such as for machinery, lawn mowers, and commercial boats. Does not apply to pleasure boating.
  12. Got a late start out St Joe, let the boys sleep in, then as I was checking the boat out the battery was not holding a charge, so I replaced it. Set lines about 10:30, started at the pier and headed south. Ended up landing 4 cohos, and had two other hits. No real pattern, two were on 2 color core, and 2 on flat lines. All on body baits. Pulled lines at 2:30 and headed in. Fishing was a lot slower than last Saturday. Was a beautiful day to be on the lake.
  13. I will be out tomorrow, launching at the DNR launch. By the time the boys get up and around and I get the boat ready, it will probably be about 9 when we head out.
  14. Good job, that's will be some good eating and some fresh spawn to boot.
  15. Mike, was good to see at D&R today. Nice to put a face with the site. Hope you had a good day meeting folks and that your seminar went well.
  16. I hope to be getting out of St Joe the weekend of March 22nd. Not much ice on the river now, just need the ice along the lake shore to go away. A couple of good rains and some wind will take care of most of it.
  17. This is an old one, and has been reported as a hoax. Here's the link to the story on Snopes.com http://www.snopes.com/politics/business/cell411.asp
  18. One of the Hendrick cars is my guess, they are on a roll. I'd like to see little "E" win too.
  19. I will be out opening morning, I have to head out of town in the afternoon. I have my stands all up and ready to go. I had my son out last Sunday in one location and two bucks came in just at dark, so he did not take a shot. Good to know they are in the area.
  20. Congrats to your son, that is a great buck. I am taking my son out tonight.
  21. I have done it both ways (helping others thankfully). Did not have a problem when done boat to boat as far as hurting the charging system. On turning the boat around and charging from a vehicle, their may be a few issues to work out, such as: getting the boat in shallow enough may require raising the motor, then the water inlet may be out of the water so don't run the engine long in that position, and don't let the prop hit the vehicle; a second is getting the truck up close enough and not getting your feet wet. In either case you have to be very careful not to let the cables drop in the water, I saw a guy do that once and blew his circuits.
  22. Have a great time, with the 4th falling mid week, we have several plants taking a short shut down. Now if the weather will only cooperate.
  23. I am signed up for the Dreamweaver Challenge, I am looking forward to meeting you guys and making new friends.
  24. It's early yet, but when they come in I am ready. I love fresh perch, and the kids love to catch'em. Thanks for the report, that aquaview sounds like a nice tool.
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