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  1. we fished out of sunset 6-4, and 6-5, took two man limit both days on crawlers but mostley smaller fish 15-18", going to have to try out of Augres sometime.
  2. The fishing is outstandeing out there!!!! can't wait to get back out there!!
  3. Sorry for late report, we fished out of sunset bay marina this past weekend, 5 guys, 2 boat's, easy limit's for all, 15" to 18" fish with a few 20-21" mixed in, and a lot of short fish, 14-16 fow in the slot,crawler harness color did'nt seem to matter much, we used 1oz inline weights anywhere from 25-45 feet back behind planer boards. It was our first time out on the east side of the bay and we all had a blast!! first walleye for one buddy now he is spoiled!!:thumb:
  4. Nice job, I wanted to get out today but didn't make it to busy getting everything together for lake Erie the next 3 days.
  5. Fished south haven this morning, fished 40-65 fow, went 2 for 3, both lake trout on same spoon copper spoon white with black spots and red nose, lost 3rd fish on gold double orange crush, don't think it was a lake trout, broke my leader, drag too tight on wire diver!!.
  6. I was the other guytaking out at the same time, nice talking to you we'll get'em next time!
  7. 2 guy's on board, run six lines all on offshore boards.
  8. Fished north of channel 5:30-9:00 went 5 for 5, 4-16 fow 2 browns, 2 steelhead, and 1 laker. 1 brown and small steelhead on red spoon with black spots not sure brand, 1 brown, and laker on gold thin fin and other steelhead on orange thin fin. spoon was with 2 color lead core, all others 65 back, on boards.
  9. nice job!! going to have to try up there next week.
  10. 10 for 14, nine coho one small king, set line's at 8am 2 man limit just before noon, fished 8-20 fow, caught most of our fish in 15 to 16 fowthin fins in orange, blue/silver and gold, also clown hotntot and orange hotntot, 1 fish on fire tiger frenzy shad. had a crazy few minutes, got 1 in the net then had three go all at the same time!!
  11. forgot to say, all but 1 were coho the other was a very small king.
  12. 14 for 17 this morning, all on south troll 8-18 fow. most fish on gold black thin fin, 80 back, couple on orange thinfin 50 back, couple on orange hotntot, one on clown hotntot. launched about 8:15 2man limit at 12:30 one pass from peirhead to just south of power plant. alot of wood and trash floating.
  13. launched at about 7:30 started north of channel picked up 1 brown in 18 fow on a williams spoon chrome. Decided to run south because water temp was only 42, ran south of power plant past the houses and then set up on a north troll in about 12 fow picked up another brown and a coho almost immediately, then we picked away at them till about 1:20pm ended with a 2 man limit 8 coho, and the 2 browns, lost 2 other fish and had a few short strikes. overall pretty good day. thin fins, 1/4 oz. hot-n-tots, orange, blue silver and gold, all 50-60 feet back 10-15 fow
  14. Thank for the report, fished today from 8-15fow went 6 for 7, all small coho 9 to 14 inch, all released. wondering what kind of diver you are using with the rapalas?
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