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  1. Thank you very much for the info ---- I fish out of Pentwater when the wind is right if you ever find that you are going out alone give my a shout out the more rods in the water the better the odds my 19 yr old son just does not want to fish with me the older he gets so I am going out a lot be myself THANKS AGAIN
  2. Are these sold or just the bases sold would like to know if you still have the riggers
  3. I am a small boat 19 foot alumacraft and also fish out of Pentwater could some one please tell me where are these land marks I do know light house and dunes I even know the sand bar out in front of light house but what is ( bath house / the sticks/ and a few of the other names ------ thank you for any help
  4. Thank you for the report it helps a lot I am a part time fishermen in a 19 foot alumacraft that does not get to take the time to dial the hot bite so to be able to read where to start is awesome I went out about 1/2 mile on Saturday morning and just was not worth fighting the swells but am going to watch for the winds to die down and keep going until I put fish on the table I missed all of last year but ready to turn on the HOT BITE again thank you
  5. I can only pay what I offered just don't have any more extra money I truly understand if you keep but I will buy them
  6. I will buy mag 30 and rods and hot tots box
  7. Hello I would like to buy rod and reel with copper and tackle box with lager spoons also will buy rod with lead core 8 color and 3 Color I have been trying for three yrs to get boat which is 185 alumacraft set up for walleye ans salmon but is just too costly the only way is one at a time from guys like you please call my cell number at 517-719-1755 and let me know where I am in line for gear or how to meet or pay you THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME
  8. Ok thank you if he does not I will pay with credit card or what ever is the fastest way for you to get your cash
  9. Can you please let me know if you don't sell them my cell number is 517-719-1755 I know there is a guy ahead me but if he does not buy I will
  10. I will buy either one if you still have them my cell number is 517-719-1755 thank you
  11. Does the reel with copper have a line counter on it if so I live in Lansing zip is 48917 how much more to ship
  12. How much to ship to Lansing mich 48917 I would like the copper line one it has copper already on it correct ( thank you for your time I am slowly buying thing way to exspensive to buy at store I have been trying for almost three yrs now
  13. Are the reels with blood run wire used for dipsy or can they be used like core or copper ( I am new and just getting geared for walleye and salmon fishing it has taken two yrs but slowly my son and I are getting it (HOPE THIS DID NOT SOUND LIKE DUMB ? Just learning.. I would like to buy a couple for your reels
  14. I just missed hawk 4 plus for four hundred in midland by one day if it is still for sale I will buy for 400 call me ASAP 517-719-1755 thank you
  15. I am looking to buy a motor, I have trophy 190 alumacraft the boat is a 1999 and the motor is 1989 mariner 100 hp, may I ask why you are selling the motor
  16. How much did it cost for the 150 I have a alumacraft trophy 190 year 1999 with a mariner 100 horse that is getting tired
  17. I think if it is possible to put sold on the classified section it would help I have been looking at things for sale and it still shows for sale until they send a response back, and thank you for sending it to me, if you have any fishing stuff in future I am interested your prices were really low and affordable thanks again
  18. Hello I live in Lansing and if they are not I would like two of them
  19. Hello are these the mark romanake trolling books if so I would like them could you please call 515-719-1755 my name is jimmy thank you for your time I am a walleye fishermen and have been looking for these books
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