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  1. The heavier spoons require more speed to do the "0" pattern, they do the figure 8 until you hit a certain speed. The lighter weight spoons do the "0" at a much slower speed.
  2. Nice Map link, thank you. I went all the way out there at the advise of someone at the dock the night before. It worked.
  3. I was all the way out there with you. Went 6 for 8 with 2 lakers and 4 steel. lost a nice king at the back of the boat. caught fish from 3,5 10 color down to 72 ft on a rigger, with 3 color being the hottest. Went in for lunch at noon went way back out there in the same spot at 3pm and got 3 kings, then nothing, not a hit the rest of the night. waited for fireworks to get back in.
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