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  1. Dan, We have caught Coho and Steelhead on the Michigan Stinger, (Stingray ) Mixed Veggie spoon shown. They make it in regular and UV versions. Both seem to work. Regards, Steve
  2. Fished out of St. Joseph Friday 6-15-18. Went deep to 200 FOW (12 miles out). Waves were 2 Ft or less, so the run was easy. Started with a mixed bag line set. Noticed a bit of a scum line in the area. Caught a chunky Coho on a medium Mixed Veggie spoon about 30 Ft down. Then another hit on a Brad's bait with canned Tuna in oil out on a planer board using 50 YD. copper. It was also a Coho. So we had a trend going. Changed all lines to Coho and Steelhead spoons and (3) copper lines with Brad's bait. The fish of the day picture is attached. A nice Steelhead hit a spoon on a Down Rigger. Knew it was no little Coho right away. Saw the usual tail dance and managed to get the fish to the boat. Ended up with 11 Coho and 1 steelhead for the day. A good time was had by all. TGL Steve
  3. Fished south of the pier to start the season. Found lots of marks in 30-50 FOW. No takers early using orange flasher and peanut fly off Dipsey. SWR / Blue Dolphin spoon also no good off Rigger. Finally got the skunk out of the boat with 8lb King off Perch color deep diver Shad Rap off a board. Nice to get out and enjoy the good weather. TGL Steve
  4. Martin, That's great you managed to land a nice King solo. It's normally not easy with two of us in the boat. It's hard to imagine how that would go solo. TGL Steve
  5. We started fishing at dawn south of the pier in 90 FOW with lots of boats in the area. Trolled north with the wind that was kicking up 2-4 Ft waves. Water temps in the 70's down to the thermocline at about 70 Ft down. Caught 1 nice female King using 150 Ft copper + 2 color lead core with Green Dolphin magnum Stinger spoon off a planer board. You know you have hooked a nice one if it sinks your board. I believe the King was above the thermocline when it hit. We picked up a medium size Steelhead on the other board using the same rig about a half hour later. Later we lost 2 fish after a short fight one off a SWR / magnum spoon using a downrigger, the other off a magnum Dipsey Diver with a Spin Doctor / fly. We caught / released a Laker late morning. By noon the fleet had vanished and the bite was over. TGL Steve
  6. We fished St Joe. AM Saturday. The lake was rolling early with some fog. The lake calmed down and the sun came out about noon when we finished up. We started out in 95 FOW and trolled out to 115 FOW. We stayed pretty much in the same general area all morning trying to keep fish on the graph. We kept an eye on some storms crossing the lake. We really did not want to run out way deep with the storms in the area. Found bait and some larger marks on the bottom. Caught 2 Lake Trout and 1 Splake (had to look that one up in the MI Fishing guide). Also boated 2 medium size Kings and 1 Coho. All but 1 of the fish came on the Stingray (MI Stinger) UV Blue Dolphin spoons. One Laker hit a Brad's meat rig and Dogger using canned Tuna in Oil. Ran only 5 lines most of the day to allow for some quick maneuvering in the fog to avoid other boats. Two fish hit a SWR down 50 Ft. One fish hit a SWR down 80 Ft. Two fish came on 150 FT Copper + 2 color Lead Core on a Planner board. One fish came on 300 Ft copper down the chute. I feel the stealth techniques have helped us catch some silver fish this year. TGL Steve
  7. Really good question. I believe the Glow spoons are made for early morning after being charged with a flash. The Glow color of the ones I have are different than the new UV spoons. The UV color looks blue to me. I am pretty sure the UV light from bright sunlight gives them the luminesence similar to a black light. Thanks, TGL Steve
  8. I can reference Keating on Kings, page 26. Dan Keating's book says 42° to 48° is the Peak Temperature range. He goes on to say a secondary range is 49° to 54°. So I guess the Kings we found, were in that secondary range. In the area we fished, when I dropped the probe down to 50 Ft the temperature dropped to 48° in the same area, but we only got hits when we raised the rigger up to 35 Ft. The SWR (3 color leadcore) probably dropped the lure another 6 to 12 Ft depending on trolling speed. Thanks TGL Steve
  9. The Lake was calm to 1 Ft on Friday morning. We caught 3 Kings and 2 Lake Trout between 7AM and 11:30. The largest King was about 15 LBS shown attached. It was cloudy early then the sun came out and that is when we caught the Kings. I believe that the UV spoons really light up with clear skies. The Kings were out of their normal comfort temperature range 35-45 Ft. down in 90 FOW. The temperature 35 Ft down, at the ball was 53°. We were fishing just north of St. Joe. The medium Stinger Blue Dolphin UV spoon attached and one other identical lure caught all the fish. One King came on a SWR / Rigger 35 Ft. down. The other two came on a planer board with 150 Ft. 45# copper + 2 color Lead core. TGL Steve
  10. We fished Sun 5-24-15 in St. Joseph starting in 90 FOW with the fleet. The clouds looked ominous all morning but only rained, no lightening. We found a Scum line running E-W in 120 FOW. Lots of small marks 20-40 ft. down. We caught 2 Coho and lost a third before the wind picked up and the Scum Line disappeared. The Coho hit a Stinger spoon in Blue Dolphin UV and a Lipped Deep diver minnow in Perch color. Would have liked to find that spot earlier in the day. It was fun while it lasted. TGL Steve
  11. Mike, Sat 5/2 started late about 7:30 ran stright out from the pierhead, stopped in 50FOW and trolled out. Had a sreamer on a Downrigger 25 ft down in 60 FOW using a SWR and Mixed Veggie spoon. Could not stop the fish and hook pulled out. Caught a Coho on a Firetiger Stick bait off a board about 9:00. Caught (2) small kings and released them. Sunday got an earlier start and went south. Started in 70 FOW and trolled out to 100. Another small king hit a 150 ft Copper off a board with a Green Dolphin UV spoon. Heard from a buddy that caught 2 Lakers in 70 FOW so we ran back in. Trolled till 10:30 when we got hit by 2 nice Kings again off Copper. Seems like the full moon really made an impact on fishing this past week-end. TGL
  12. Jim, We had a similar experience Sat, May 24. Fished early in 70-80 FOW and caught 1 Lake Trout. Moved out to 90-110 FOW and saw marks 40-65 ft. down. Caught 1 on Riggers, and 1 on Dipsey 110 ft back set on 3. The rest came on 150 ft. and 300 ft. copper using Magnum spoons and Brad's bait. Caught 5 kings, 2 Lakers and a Steelhead . Should have entered the Tackle Haven Tournament. TGL (The Good Life) Steve
  13. Tom, We caught 2 Coho, 2 Lakers and 1 nice King south of St Joseph Pier in 25-35 FOW. Used Orange body baits for the Coho. The King hit a mixed veggie spoon off a Dipsie Diver. Most fish caught on a South Troll. Clementines on the St. Joe River is my choice for dinner. Nice Perch sandwich. TGL Steve
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