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  1. Ty One On will be there weather permitting. I'll watch the buoy also and Jon I'm going to message you my number and if you have to cancel at 4:30 due to weather could you call or a text would be fine. We will be on the road at 3:30am (2hr drive) and i cant get GLF on my supposedly smart phone Thanks and lets hope the weather holds
  2. We also follow the 3X the flasher for a general idea but dont be afraid to experiment a little. Yesterday our best paddle was an 11" with a lead of 23" to the fly. Also our SD's set on the fast action side seem to take more fish than the slower action side, maybe just dumb luck but thats what I've noticed lately.
  3. Ty One On is in Had to wait for work to make up their minds about working tomorrow
  4. Definitely figure out why its stalling first, but I have a 5.7 In a 24ft Trophy and the slowest it will go is 3.6 at 550-600 RPM. I run two 36" Big Papa bags and at idle it gets right down to around 1.6-1.8 doesnt steer real well there but will do it. 2mph and over its great and its usually running somewhere between 800-1100 RPM depending on the speed i want. I had a Happy Troller trolling plate on a smaller boat and wasnt real happy with it! I'm sure some will argue this but it was REALLY hard to steer in the slightest breeze,I even cut different slots in it so the plate would run on a 45 degree angle instead of 90 and it seemed like it was always trying to run sideways. Of coarse it's just my opinion but ditch the plate idea and BAG IT !!!
  5. Ty One On will be there. Sounds like some good boxes were pulled from there over the weekend.
  6. Hey Dave your missing my boat on your list. Maybe i didn't make the cut, not sure. Guess I may have wasted my time getting my Zebco 202's and Rhino 33's respooled for this event. Ty One On will be there if I'm allowed to come and play
  7. I would do just as Ryan has suggested and just call. Thats what I did and glad I did (i would of bought wrong bags). If you give him all your boat info such as idle speed now, weight, length, engine size, and your desired speed and rpm range he will get you where you want to be.
  8. Joel I should be around most evenings if you need a hand. Think were fishing this weekend but next weekend I should be free. I'm no expert but will do what I can if you need help. Ty One On is in
  9. I have 2 older walkers and 2 newer walker tournaments all on a 30 amp. No problems so far.
  10. I seen that also. This east wind took it offshore now we need a south wind to send it up by the bridge somewhere
  11. I knew the X4 thing was coming can't believe it took that long. Heck even my friends told me that Just can't justify buying one before I get an autopilot (I'm rough on my drivers LOL) and know the Sub Troll will do what I need. Legacy I already bought that clincher, just needed some info on how to run my release with it. Got it figured out now. Thanks everyone for their input
  12. Ryan i wish i could make that work it would be perfect I even have 4 new walker releases somewhere well maybe only 2 usable the other 2 tried my patience when removing them and I swore they would NEVER be on my boat again. They are made like Blacks but IMO sure don't perform like a Blacks (constantly having to readjust them). Thanks for the info guys plenty enough here to get me going. Now I have to wait for a little more snow to melt so I can get the boat out of the storage barn
  13. Sounds like a great method. I'll have to change it up a bit using the clincher instead of the factory crimp style with maybe a couple beads between clincher and release so they dont rub but i think it'll work Thanks !
  14. When i bought my boat it came with a Sub Troll 900, everything except probe. I fished last year without it but am going to run it this year. I bought a probe new cable and the clincher for the probe. We use Blacks releases and I'm wondering if anyone has ran this setup with the release above the probe. Clincher release probe ball. Will I lose to much signal this way? It doesn't appear a Blacks will work under it. Ideally it will be on a rigger not being used and stay in the water but if the rigger bite is hot we will run it. Just not sure of the best setup with the probe inline.
  15. Thanks for the welcomes and Jon thank you for the chart. My new gps shows fairly similar to the chart but wasnt going to trust it yet seeing how its just Lowrance base maps and it shows me crossing land to get to the launch in South Haven New map card has been ordered but not sure I'll have it for the first trip. Dave i really appreciate the offer but it's a hour and 40 min drive maybe closer to 2hrs with the boat and I wouldn't want anyone to wait on us if we ran into any problems. I will try to plan to be early and if your still there I'll take you up on that offer. Thanks again
  16. Long time lurker first time posting. We are going to try to make as many of these dates as we can. Sounds like a good time and a good way to learn another port as all of my fishing was done out of South Haven last year. I am however kinda uneasy about going out of a new port in the dark and don't know if we will have time to fish it before the 3rd. What time does everyone start heading out usually? I'd feel much better following someone or maybe its better to wait for daylight? Like I said I've never been there it might be lit up like a x-mas tree i dont know Any input would be great !!! Thanks in advance and hope to fish with you all soon
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