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  1. The WD-40 trick was used by old timers. Since then the recipe of WD has changed and the oil that was in it that attracted fish has since been removed.
  2. I'm looking forward to the Rockford one! Hope to put my learning hat on....LOL Scott
  3. Thank you very much for all the feedback from everyone! Nice to know there are people willing to help out us that are learning! After reading all the reply's it looks like the X4D will be added to my boat. Now just have to wait for the colossal amount of ice on Lake MI to melt this year...LOL
  4. Ok I started Salmon Fishing Last year on Lake Michigan and had a huge learning curve. However felt I didn't do to bad for a first timer. Anyway I have a Lowrance HD with structure scan. I'm now looking at picking up a Fish Hawk x4 or the xd4 haven't quit decide on what one yet. My question is, I see were the speed at the ball makes a big difference with the currents, and the Fish Hawk will help a great deal in that. I understand that the fish live in certain columns of water according to temperature and I also see were the Fish Hawk will ad in that, however can't I see what depths the fish are at by watching my finder and in turn pretty much know were the temps / column the fish are living in at? Just curious as maybe there is something I'm over looking here. Thanks for your time and all the knowledge you guys and gals pass on to us trying to learn! Scott
  5. Thank you (now I won't be able to sleep LOL) I will be heading out tomorrow afternoon (Sun) will give a report after return.... Scott
  6. Where a bouts are the nets? I have to find them and input them into my Lowrance.
  7. Nice crappie, I do believe that qualifies for a master angler. Scott
  8. I want to thank you for posting this as it helps new people like me out. Scott
  9. Yep that would of been me at Shoreline bait, got there just as they were closing.
  10. Went out of Muskegon with my friend and went 1 for 2. Landed a decent Coho. Coho on a Blue Jean Glow and the one that got away was on a Green Jean Glow. Anyway started at 6:00pm fishing was slow tried shallow and ran north and south trolls out to 120'. Found the most bait fish balls in 100' between 40 and 80' deep. Fishing picked up around 8:30 by listening to the chatter on radio. Good luck and lets keep helping each other out with the fishing reports! Scott P.S. Would like to do some perch fishing out of Muskegon if anyone wants to give some general locations, that would be of great help as I usually travel to South Haven to perch fish and It would be much cheaper if I could find a few spots around Muskegon that are decent. Thanks!
  11. Roller and Brush the entire boat. The graphics are black vinyl that were cut for me at the local graphics store.
  12. I did the painting. And a place here in Greenville (S.A.Y Graphics) cut the graphics and I put them on. Don't laugh to hard but the paint is done with Tractor Supply Tractor Implement Paint. I did what they call a roller and tip method. You just roll the paint on and then with a high quality paint brush for Oil Based Paints you just lightly brush over it and it turns out great. Also less than 100.00 in the paint job......
  13. Thanks for all the comments! Want to get back out this weekend but weather looks like it isn't going to cooperate. Good luck fishing everyone! Scott
  14. Some TLC to the motor new seat, down riggers, built my own anchor pully system added some paint gave her a fun name and here she is.
  15. Well took my dad out for Fathers Day, fished for perch in the afternoon a few keepers out in front of the dunes, nothing to talk about. Then the time I was waiting for in the evening. My first time ever out salmon fishing in my boat, had no clue what I was doing other than dropping my down riggers with some cool looking lures behind them. LOL 160' Water ball at 145' BLue Jean Glow Lure and holy cow I think i have a fish on.... Scott Boat Riff Raft
  16. Well I ended up sticking with my stock prop I'm close enough with it and my boat gets on plane rather nice. So I figure why mess with it if its close. I guess I was just being OCD about it. Vans here in Grand Rapids took the prop back with not problems. It worked out as my starter went bad and used that money towards a new starter...LOL always something. I hope to make a run out to South Haven this weekend for some perch and salmon fishing. Take care and thanks for the responses!
  17. I believe me speed slowed a touch, I was just under the impression you want you motor running as close to its max rpm's as possible. Maybe I shouldn't worry about it. Just want to make sure everything is right on my boat. Thanks Scott
  18. yes same number of blade and same material Possibley a differn't manufature as It was the stock prop I replaced Scott
  19. Ok i have a 1982 Johnson 70hp 3 Cylinder 2 stroke. I'm trying to get it in the proper wide open throttle range for my motor, its 5500. I was running a 13 1/4 x 17 pitch and I was getting around 5000 rpm. Was told to go to a 13 1/2 x 15 and that would put me up around 5400, well today I tested it and I lost rpm's and am now only getting around 4600 to 4700 rpm's. I'm hoping someone will be able to help me out. Thanks for your time! Scott
  20. I was just looking and I have Hot Maps Premium and noticed I do get contour lines if zooming in further. Now i'm just going to research If its worth upgrading to Platinum Plus.
  21. Looking to see what everyone's thoughts on the best chip to get for Lake Mi would be. I have the base model with an inland lake chip in it so I don't get really much info while out on the big lake. Thanks for your time! Scott
  22. Oh boy It sucked! No hits on anything tried. Fished from 180 ft all the way into pier. Talked to a person on the radio and they were heading in with no luck. One person fishing channel all day lost one. Haven't seen many reports so I thought I would pass it along. I'm heading out to Muskegon tomorrow and hopfully someone from there will put up a report. Scott
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