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  1. Welcome to GLF. I fish and live in Kincardine. I was talking to a few guys this summer at the chantry chinook classic. They were catching some 20 lb kings quite often out of GB. Perch out of Goderich.
  2. Good info guys,was just in Bay City on Sunday,swung by Frank's and picked up a couple of 44's.Prices on everything is so much better south of the border.Plan on running them with the longer copper and cores.
  3. That is awesome! We have a derby on right now, the fishing leading is a 22 lb chinook. Lots of 16 lb being caught. I'd say the average size seems to be I creasing a bit every year. Still have only been out twice this year , busy building the house. My son and dad went out a couple of weeks ago. They got 3 bows and a pink. Guys are starting to latch on to pickerel now in 65 fow. Hopefully get out this weekend.
  4. Hey Claude, I'm fishing out of Kincardine on Huron. I work with a guy who's brother in law runs a charter out of South Bay mouth. I'l try and get some info for you. I know he said the average size of the salmon is increasing and he seems to be doing good right now. Even where we are here they are getting bigger, looking healthy and are full of smelt.We haven't seen fish like this in quite a few years.I'm heading out tomorrow am to try my luck. Been building a new house so i've only been out once this year.Boated 2 lakers around 8lbs.Good size for the campfire. How fast, deep and what depth of water you fishing? If you are using riggers only, throw some cheaters on there to cover some more water. Dave
  5. A buddy of mine has been out perch fishing and they are doing really well. Lots of 16" jumbos. Lots of minnows which we haven't seen in quite a while. The harbours are full of minnows, I suspect that the die off of the zebra mussels is allowing the bottom end of the food chain to come back. Lakers that have been caught this spring are overflowing with smelt which we haven't seen in a number of years as well. Chinooks in the double digits are being caught already which usually aren't seen until mid to late summer. This is good news for us over here!!!
  6. I just started running copper last year,I have a 100,200 and 300' 32 lb opti.Is there a difference in how user friendly the 32 lb is compared to the 45 lb?
  7. I do agree that the Fish Hawk and Smart Troll system have a few more advantages, no coated cable probably being the biggest one. I'm more of a weekend warrior, take the kids out fisherman. More info will be great and the cash saved can go towards other things. I don't think the coated cable will be that big a deal,I may look at the new uncoated cable from Torpedo when I find a DR.
  8. Does anyone have a Depth Raider they are looking to sell?I figure with the GR fishing show on someone will have upgraded. Thanks
  9. Not too much for me, Building a house,I had a contractor close it in then I took over, doing basically everything except drywall and taping/mudding.Drywall is done on the main floor now ,started on the downstairs today. When the house is done i'll start on the shop,24'x42'. As for fishing projects I just picked up 345 convectors and a 453 cold water as well as 4 copper/lead GLT's.Also fixed up my lure boards as well. Can't wait to hit the water Gotta get the house done though.
  10. Hey Tony, Thanks for the offer,by looking at the fish hawk website I would almost be at the price of a new unit if what you have is the 840.
  11. I looked up the smart troll system,it does look interesting.I'm not sure that it would be needed on every rod, but say 2 probes on the riggers may work nicely with one receiver.
  12. Can you tune tune the spin doctor's to run with spoons or do you use all SD's or paddles?I've tried SD's a few times with no luck.In saying that our salmon fishery on this side of the lake isn't the same as you guys have.I think I caught 3 or 4 chinooks last year,biggest about 8 lbs,the rest are coho,bows,lakers and pinks.
  13. Thanks Ryan, I've been checking out the Torpedo uncoated cable,if I had to replace the coated I think that would be the way to go. I found the thread about the tip ruining the cable,it was on GLA and the fella was using 20lb balls on a walker,he said using 12lb ers,no problem.
  14. Is the "smart troll system" similar to the fish hawk TD? Is the coated cable of the DR or sub troll damaged easily? I read that the Walker dr pulley's were hard on the coated cable. I have a manual Walker and a luhr Jenson.
  15. Thanks Ryan, that's the info I was looking for.An RCA jack is easy to disconnect when heading to smaller lakes. Erik,thanks as well,i've been doing alot of reading and there doesn't really seem to be too many negatives about any of them.Moor,Depth Raider or the Fish Hawk.
  16. Hey guys, I'm looking at buying a speed/temp probe. I'll be installing it on an 18' Jon boat, I know,not you're typical salmon boat. I remove the riggers often and am wondering which probe antenna set up would be the easiest to disconnect from the boat when I remove the riggers? Price wise I'm looking at the sub troll or the depth raider. If I could find a used x4 I would go that way, no question. Thanks
  17. Thanks guys, went out last night and got 1 bow. She was cold. The waves were around 2'. I was using the lower holders and the boards were definitely jumping. Will try the upper holders. Supposed to be almost no wind this week do I'm going to try and get out again. Thanks again.
  18. Hey guys, when running inline planer boards should the rod tip be higher or closer to the water? Thanks Dave
  19. Nice pics! Hey Frank,how's the fishing in Tawas City? I fish out of Kincardine,pretty much staight east of you.The spring and early summer were really good.Not alot of size to them but lots lots of coho and bows. The big perch are also making a come back. Lots of limits caught off of Goderich this spring.
  20. yep, picked up a couple of boards,rods,copper line and some lures at Gander, a couple of reels at Bass. Back home now and back to work:( Going to set up 3 rods for copper.I bought 600', going to set up a 300,200 and a 100.
  21. Ok, thanks I knew about Gander, will google Anderson's.
  22. I caught an 8 lb laker of Kincardine a couple of weeks ago, It had a scar like liqson behind it's gill. When I cut into it,a yellowish pussy liquid came out of it. We disposed of it.
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