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  1. Hey Dave Are you running any TX-22's? I'm going to start running copper, What is the max length of copper you would run with the walleye boards, 300'?
  2. They only had the walleye boards. Picked up a couple of reels.heading to Port Huron tomorrow am. Any places open on Sunday to stop by?
  3. Hey guys We're in Auburn Hills right now and was just wondering if there are any good fishing stores around? Looking for Church's planer boards and heartland rods. Thanks
  4. I've tied a few flies as well,going to try them out the Canuck side of Huron.Some blues,with copper,flour.green flashabou,Halo greens as well.They don't seem to be as popular over here.Not sure why.
  5. Thanks guys, Going out tomorrow am and see if we can entice a few bigger fish.Going to try some flashers and flies,see how they work.
  6. Hey guys, Stumbled on this site while searching for Lake Huron fishing info.Starting to get back into the salmon fishing,I helped my dad and partner run their charter boat out of Kincardine in the late 80's. I picked up a boat off of a buddy this winter,it's defineately not a salmon boat but I have been doing quite well.It's an 18' crestliner Jon,I have to be picky on the wind conditions but so far it's been great. We've netted about 36 fish in 6 outings.Mostly coho,biggest was about a 10lb bow. I've had my son out with me every time,the first salmon he brought in,he couldn't believe the fight.I told him to wait until we get into some bigger fish. This looks like an excellant site and hope to try out some tactics you fellas use. Tightlines Dave
  7. NIce job on the fish.Will have to try some of those on the east side of Huron. Thanks for the info! Dave
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