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  1. A post of a Chinny going up prompted me to make a quick stop and check things out. https://youtu.be/H2TPEHrs_Ow
  2. This section of the board looked like it needed some action.
  3. Fishingframes

    Fall Huron Steelhead

    Keeping you on your toes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Fishingframes

    Chrome Steelhead - what the dr ordered

    Thanks. I’ve yet to harvest one this year. Buddy has a smoker where he does an incredible job. Stars haven’t lined up, but Id like to get one in the smoker before year-end.
  5. Fishingframes

    Fresh chrome steelies

    Thanks, my confidence took a beating with a skunked outing a few weeks prior.
  6. Fishingframes

    Fresh chrome steelies

    Nothing like Fall steelheading in some of the pristine Ontario rivers.
  7. Salmon - underwater footage of migration A Great Lakes trib in the heart of an urban city - I was able to catch some footage of them. Hope you enjoy.