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  1. Good job on the Eyes Frank you are the guru of Augres. Snowfish.:lol: Like that handle Ralph:grin::grin: Good luck on the surgery tomorrow Frank and prayers are with you. Give me a call when you need some help on the boat. Larry
  2. Will miis you bickering with Wayne on Saturday. You take care of yourself and see at the next one. Larry & Val
  3. YES is YES It still boils down to we as sportsmans have a right to vote and hunt. Larry
  4. I am voting YES. Because it will put more funds in the game and protection fund and stop the greenie weenies. Larry
  5. Just saw this post Rich. Cant help you with the smoke but we just drop them in the deep fryer unbattered and cook them till they float.\ They make a tasty treat. Larry
  6. Mine is still up to Ludville and will probably come home this weekend. Larry
  7. You sure the turkey isnt in love with your water heater. :lol:
  8. My help made me work today and even got my shirt dirty. Thanks guys for the b-day notes. Larry
  9. We will be leaving about noon on thursday and if you guys forgot we are at Farmview Resort about 10 miles south of Manistee on US 31. Plan on docking the boat at Municipal for the weekend. SEE YA ALL THERE !!!!!!!! Larry
  10. Nice job on the fishies Rich. Ludville is hot too we went 11 for 15 this weekend. Larry
  11. Went 17 for 26 in 50 to 60 fow this weekend with one weighing 23lbs. Larry
  12. Hey Nick good job on the fishies. Glad to hear you had a good time. Wished I knew you was in Ludville this weekend. We went 17 for 26 with one weigh in at 23lbs. Larry
  13. Jimmy and Matt I do like you both but see If I give either one of you my "SALAMI" in the near future. Larry
  14. Salami 2 pounds Hamburger 2 tablespoons Curing Salt 1 teaspoon Garlic Salt 1 teaspoon Onion Powder 1 teaspoon Mustard Seed 1 teaspoon Pepper 1/4th teaspoon Cayenne Pepper 1 cup Water Mix all together and divide into loaves. Wrap in foil. Refrigeratorate for 24 hours Place loaves still wrapped in foil into a large kettle of cold water and cover Bring to boil and boil 1 hour Remove salami from foil and drain Chill before slicing
  15. Glad to hear you did so well. One of the only weekends we got stuck home because of to much work.
  16. Usually just before and after dark is the best. Good luck Nick and you and your girlfriend have fun. Larry
  17. King Kash Aug. 19th. and 20 th. $300.00 1 st Place $200.00 2 nd Place $100.00 3 rd Place Additional $50.00 pries may be awarded for non placing boats, based on the number of boat entries Entry Fee $25.00 per boat. Only 1 King Salmon may be weighted. Saturday or before 4 pm. Sunday. You must Register before fishing and weigh in at InstaLaunch Campground. Placement is determinded by weight only. Ties go to the first fish weighed in. Additional $50.00 awards will be drawn randomly from boats that weigh in a fish, but don't place. Sponsered by FishBone Products Hoochee Hauler, Fly Trap, Lure Locker Pro Release, Stacker Stickers
  18. Welcome. Nice talking to you at the Dreamweaver. Hope to bump into you in the future. Also I like your boat. Larry
  19. Always have room for you if you want to jump in with us. The big fish tournament sounds good to me Mike. Larry
  20. Have owned and operated a transmission shop for 25 years. Work hard to please my customers and then head for the west side of the state. Larry
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