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  1. great job guys! I look forward to watching the Michigan city episode when it comes out.
  2. I just watched Alaskan bush people last night and they bartered salmon with a dentist to pull a tooth! I am pretty sure they would not break too many laws on national tv. in my opinion it would be just fine.
  3. Good job! It's really cool that the veterans get to get out and do that every year with other veterans.
  4. Great trip jeff! I had a great time, i hope we can get another night fish in yet this year!
  5. nice work! It sure is fun out there when you get into them like that! funny thing is that someone could be fishing right next to you and never get a bump, or only catch one.
  6. awesome job! Ludington is the best tournament on the lake and draws in some of the best fisherman around!
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