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  1. Fished 7-12:30. Went 8 for 9 with 3 nice kings, 2 coho, and 3 lake trout. Started in 100’ and worked out to 200’. Most fish seemed to be hanging out in the 135’ range about 50’ down, but got hits along the whole way. Trash can dodger with pickled sunshine fly down 65’ was by far the best although everything else got hit too. Frog meat rig with watermelon dodger down 50’, 300 copper with buffalo bill super slim, and raspberry carbon all took fish. Southwest troll at 2.5 sog was the best troll. Overall a really great day on the water. Sent from my iPad using Great Lakes Fisherman
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  3. Same thing with me. I fished in front of grand haven until 10:30. I thought for sure with the water cooling off a little there would be at least something in there. Doesn't make any sense. I didn't get even a bump and only marked a few. I only saw one other boat net a fish. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
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  5. I question the accuracy of that bouy sometimes. I was out there and those waves were definitely larger than 1.2', even by the bouy. There were some whitecaps so they had to be at least 2'. I managed to pick up one coho 60 down in 75' on a white paddle and green fly but that was it. Got too rough for me fishing solo. Lots of marks between 60-75. Sent from my iPad using Great Lakes Fisherman
  6. App issues Has anyone else been having issues with the GLF App not working. Won't allow me to log in or use the app on any of my devices. Says there is an issue with the app and to contact admin. Same issue on all my devices and I delegated an reinstalled so I'm thinking it's not my device Just wondering if anyone else is having issues
  7. Definitely had higher hopes for this morning with the lake flipping. Set down in 90 and trolled out to 160 with no hits. Didn't even mark anything past 130. Turned around and headed into 125. Managed to pick up two decent steelhead around 10AM in the 125 depth. 1 on 150 copper on a super slim jawbreaker, and 1 45 down on a rigger on a frog colored meat rig and watermelon dodger. Both were on a north troll 2.1 sog. Definitely a nice morning on the water though. I will say also I was unhappy to find the raft of weeds in port Sheldon plugging the entrance to the channel in the dark while heading out. I would say is was like motoring into pudding, although I think pudding would probably be easier to motor through. Had to stop three times to clear my motor. The one steelhead was packed to almost bursting with small to medium alewife. I don't think I've ever seen a fish packed solid with so much bait. Sent from my iPad using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  8. Pretty steady action this morning until about 10 when it shut off. Went 5/5 throwing back one laker. Fish came in 90-115 fow on a south southwest troll 2.4 mph sog. Two kings 35 down on frog meat rig with watermelon dodger. Two lakers on SWR with a pearl and glow plug 55 down. And one steelhead on a 150 copper with SS jawbreaker. Good god does Pigeon lake have some thick clumps of weeds. Had to stop outside the pier heads and clean a big nest off my motor when I tried to power up and found I wasn't going anywhere. Also though it was awesome while I was fishing and one of the tournament boats blows past close right next to me at full power and proceeds to drop down directly in front to me to where I could have thrown a baseball and hit and proceeds to set lines. Seriously I'm off away from everybody all by myself. No reason for that. Sent from my iPad using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  9. My biggest pet pev down there is trying to back down at night or launching in the morning and people don't turn their headlights off. I've tried to explain it to some before but all I get back is blank stares. Apparently it's hard to understand that your lights blind other people in the dark trying to back down. I try my best to be the first one there in the morning or the last one out to avoid all that. Absolute worst though is coast guard festival after the fireworks when the launch is filled with drunk people trying to load their big powerboats that they take out once a year.
  10. I will say also relative to the cleaning station thing, that I have seen guys at port Sheldon clean fish on the dock and throw the carcasses in the cattails. I haven't seen that this year yet but I have seen it in years past and it really ticks me off because it leaves a slippery mess on the docks not to mention it's rude and illegal.
  11. I always go to the one in holland on Ottawa beach at the launch site on lake Mac. It isn't too bad of a drive and it is a really nice place to clean your fish so it's worth it. Plus I don't get yelled at by my wife for the fish stinking up the garbage so that's the biggest bonus.
  12. I have seen people do that, but I havn't really found a need yet with my setup. That is the first generation copilot also. I think I have ever had that thing in the water maybe 4 times since I have bought the boat, since I usually only fish for salmon. I have tried it out before, and I have found that although it works, it definitely doesn't hold a perfect course. My friend has one of the new GPS ones that he uses like that for trolling, and that thing is incredible on a small boat.
  13. Trolling with the waves it isn't too bad. I have a kicker linked with a steering connector rod to the main and I have it set with a fair amount of tension so it likes to hold where I aim it. If I'm going into the waves, or sideways to them, I can stand next to the wheel and still steer while I'm fighting the fish. I usually just take a little more time bringing the fish in to tire them out more and either pull them alongside to net or net them off the back. I actually used to stop to fight fish when I first started fishing believe it or not, but I've gotten pretty good at my new system since.
  14. Pretty good morning. Managed to go 3 for 3 fishing solo with only two rods. 1 king on a green spin doctor with glow and green fly combo 45' down NW troll. 1 king 120' 65' down on rigger on a plug that I Made with a pearl head and glow body. 1 king 80' S troll 55' down on rigger on the same plug as the previous one. Best speed was around 2.7 SOG.
  15. The waves out there were a lot bigger than the bouy was saying. I checked before I left home and it said .5, and by the time I cleared the pier heads it said 1.5 but the waves sure seemed a lot bigger than that. Definitely a big surprise so I ended up turning around.
  16. I had a similar night. Lots of marks comming up to check my riggers in 185' but they didn't want anything I tried. I did manage one steelhead on a 150 copper so I at least got the skunk out. Absolutely beautiful night out there though.
  17. Great night on the water with calm and no flies. Finished 2/3. Two nice steelhead on 150 copper on jawbreaker spoon. One miss on SWR 65' on rigger with tin can dodger and pickled sunshine fly. Fished 125' all night which was where all the fish came from. South troll was best 2.6 sog.
  18. Went two for two tonight. One really nice steelhead and one really nice king. I went out to 165' which was quite a bit deeper than I saw everyone else fishing. There was a pretty good scum line out there. I saw steelhead feeding on the surface. The steelhead came on a 150 copper with a super slim jellybean spoon. The king came 70' on a rigger with a SWR with a tin can dodger and pickled sunshine fly. Had a lot of marks out there in the top 40 feet but those two were all I got to go. Beautiful night out there on the water.
  19. Fished 70-100 fow tonight. Not a lot out there, and very slow. Didn't really mark a lot. Water is very cold. It was 55 at the surface in 90 feet. I went out later and fished until 10:30. I figured there would be a good night bite with the moon but notheing really materialized. I had a lot of marks in the top 20 feet after sunset but just couldn't get anything to go. I did manage one king 35' down on a rigger on a lethal cocktail (glow mixed veggie) in 85 feet right when the sun went down. When I cleaned it its stomach was packed solid with alewives. Fleas were terrible. If you have flea flicker line, it would be a good time to bust it out. Beautiful flat calm night on the water anyway.
  20. Coming back in is it closer to the north shore or the south shore? I know there are some logs closer to the south shore that I bumped earlier this year. That water has been down quite a bit in there all year. I can't believe the size of some boats people have been getting in and out of there. Seems like the water is pretty skinney even for my 17'
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