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  1. keep in mind that different presentations into the current whether it be quartering or straight on or hell with current may work on different days but as a very general rule of thumb finding current and nose in may be best to start with when getting the hang of it. This is just how I have learned it and may be completely different for other skippers.
  2. faster on ball and all lines pulling straight is a good indicator that you are straight into current. faster and lines pulling to port means the current is quartering into you from starboard. slower at the ball means the down current is pushing the back off the ball quicker than the boat is travelling sog.
  3. Faster at the ball means your ball is in some form of current against the top. Watch rigger and diver lines to see at what angle you are actually going through the down current at. But yes into current or higher speed at ball is generally best.
  4. There should be plenty of boats to follow around out there this weekend. Everything I have heard is it is starting to produce a few kings.
  5. for sure a battery eater! keep a surplus of those 9V on board but worth it for the money you got that set up for
  6. had a 70 hp evinrude on a 22 holiday for years did the job just fine. Wasn't pulling any skiers but fished awesome.
  7. Price reduced $8,000 obo let me know
  8. Nice Rig. How was the haul home? I'm getting ready to head to Florida in a couple weeks to bring mine home. I'm a bit nervous about that but I want to get my eyes on it even after I have had a surveyor look at it.
  9. Dan, I also do not have the ability at this point in my fishing "career" to catch 12 fish, am I working on it, yes. I don't know what your home port is but that's all that my team and I do is 333 with the occasional big fish fee. That is the level set it puts you even up with pros. It is an incredible feeling to see your name above boats/teams you have considered to be top notch. And you only pay usually $150 and get the whole tourney atmosphere. Someday when I get the nerve I will enter an AM because for some reasons those tourneys even if 333 only are like a drug I cant get enough of.
  10. I know it doesn't seem like Spring is coming but it is. I am selling my 1982 Penn Yan FB Sport Fisherman. Rebuilt 350 Mercruiser (260) put in in 2011 appx 100 hours since. Dual helm Raymarine Electronics (sounder, finder, gps, auto pilot w/ remote) 3 cannon mag 10s lots of rod holders washdown 2 uhf ship to shore dual control stereo speader lights remote spot light windlass shore power charger/inverter trailer included Asking 9,000 obo boat is currently located in Manistee http://i1174.photobucket.com/albums/r620/randall612/2012-09-02154145.jpg' alt='2012-09-02154145.jpg'>
  11. Fish Hawk X4 Probe!!!!!!!!!!! during a tournament the rest of the tackle I figure goes to the fish gods but come on! oh and the 12# ball it was linked to on new rigger cable none the less. aaaahhhhhh
  12. Hands are too rough to feel it much anymore but when your putting decent weight in the box you forget the pain quickly.
  13. Set lines by 0500 in 115 FOw strait out. Took the first fish at 715 a nice 21# King on chute rigger 75 down flasher fly. Took a 4# coho on blue dolphin 55 down over 90 ft and then another 21# King on 300' copper falsher fly. no luck with the meat today but there are alot of alewives still floating around out there. ended up 3/5 had another nice rip on 300 copper but lost it trying to remove the board. Quite a few boats out in the am and I believe things are looking up. http://i1174.photobucket.com/albums/r620/randall612/IMG955047_1.jpg' alt='IMG955047_1.jpg'>
  14. So the surface water temps took a major jump today looking at coast watch. does this mean any thing or is it just the very surface due to all this sunshine? I can see how it would effect shoreline fishing but does this have any immidiate effect on the rest of the water column?
  15. not to mention the free range the carp are getting right now
  16. Here is the Chicago Tribune link for the latest gift given to the Lake Michigan water system. After you open the link you may have to scroll down to the video article labled "Sewages flows into Lake Michigan":mad::mad: http://trib.in/15kcc2T
  17. Gonna run 10' gander dipsy rods for wire this year with twilli tips hopefully it will be a success.
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