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  1. I consider myself a pure gentleman, always go out of my way to be curteous on the water, use good language when reporting but today I got p'd off. I had a fish on in the arms and got ran over by two charter boats, the first ran my line over while fighting a very nice fish, when it was caught in their line another went right between us and broke us off. I didn't say a word to them, just went about my business. We had two young boys with us under 6 years of age, people in the channel yelling obscene things back and forth and the radio F bombs got out of hand. Why does fishing got to get like this, isn't fishing suppose to be somehting you do to destress and hangout, introduce kids to nature etc. Thanks for listening I feel much better, we ended up 3-4 on the day. Marv
  2. We made it out this morning, set lines on a NW troll in 60' it was all action right off the bat, we couldn't get more than 3 lines in the water with only two of us in the boat. We ended up with 6 nice kings 10-15lbs, they were int he 40 ft down range and we took fish on 6 different rigs with the main bite going on Moonshine lures. We hit a lull from 7-8am but then we took a double to limit out at 8:40am. Water surface temps ranged from 71-74 degrees. Perch fisherman said today was the slowest day of the week with some 15" fish being taken yesterday. Marv
  3. I have floss ties to my bow, when I get it out of the case I hold Bow in postition and wind direction is instant., I also hang it in the tree, when the wind swirls or changes I know. Marv
  4. FB got out Sat Morning fished from 7:30-11 went 7-9 in the 100ft range, the 3 baits of choice were mixed veggies, NBK and Lemon ice, 3 of the 7 were lakers. the 4 kings were in 3-4 lb range. he had one fish break him off on dipsey. Marv
  5. Went back out with Fat Bastard this morning, dropped lines at 7am on a northwest troll in 110, 70 down, 8:15am we took our first of 4. 3 fish came on this rod all on lemon ice, the last came on a NBK 130 behind dipsey. All four fish were great fighters in 4-8lb range but full of piss and vinegar this morning. Surface temp at 110 was 57.1 degrees We pulled lines at 10am. Doughman
  6. I fished with buddy from work on his boat this morning, we ported out of GH at 5:45am, we didn't get our first fish until 8:15am on lemon ice, we didn't touch another fish until 9am when we preceded to hit a double, both on lemon ice, the next fish came on orange crush doctored up with a ladder back. The last fish was a shaker that we took when pulling lines. we ended up 5-6 for 5 hours of fishing. Biggest fish of all 5 was 5lbs. The fish are definately getting smaller. The highlight of the day was our 4th fish right after the double header, were fishing with sliders and we take a hit on rigger set at 74ft in 170 ft of water, it feels like a monster, after about 5 minutes and not making headway, we realized the fish was in our other rigger line also armed with a slider, once we reeled the rigger in the little 3lber came in like a minnow. Here is the great part, all four spoons were into this fish with at least one hook, it was bleeding like no other, this fish was not going anywhere. Marv
  7. I took a family friend out hunting this morning, we set up at the bottom of a ridge right next to the swamp. We heard a deer come thru the crick but it was out in front of us to far to see. A minute later we here 2 rounds go off right by us. Two Amish boys neither of which were 18 took a couple shots at the deer which was a spike. Next thing I know they are tracking this deer all thru the swamp, after talking to them they said they had hair but no blood. We then headed up to the top of the ridge and the 2 boys kicked out a doe which we left for another day. We packed up and went to the North side of the same swamp and man I tell you what, I found 6 very fresh scrapes. Is this a little early or what? The boy is setting on a rifge covering these scrapes tomorrow. Marv
  8. This is probably the easiest/cheap/clean method I have found. 1/4 cup salt 1/4 cup sugar 1 quart water Mix/shake ingrediants until salt/sugar has disolved. Place eggs in a bowl with solution salt/sugar and water. let stand over night in fridge, strain and rinse. Your eggs should be clean and hard, perfect for tying. marv
  9. Hello Jeff, the guys and gals here are great, always willing to BS and sometimes help you out:grin: Take care look to hear some good fishing reports Marv
  10. Am I right to assume on these TOPO maps that Green meets public/state or federal land?
  11. :grin:Ok I am feeling generous today and I am giving out my famous recipe. Ingrediants Deer cheap hamburger 1-2 lbs depending on how much deer 1 lbs jimmy deans sage sausage (Sage) is th eimportant part Seasoning of choice. Grind your deer into burger, I usually have about 15 lbs of venison at this point. Put it all in a clean and steril cooler, add in 2 lbs cheapest hamburger I can buy. Add in 1-2 lbs Jimmy Deans sage suasage. I use Boone's seasoning from Boobes in Traverse city. I mix in about a 1/2 cups of seasoning, some garlic not to much, a little lowery's. Hand mix all ingrediants together like you would mix meatloaf. Once it is mixed I re run it thru the grinder, this gives entire contents 1 consistancy and it mixes everything together. Package and seal. I am telling you what this makes the best burger in the world, you unthaw and its ready to cook, no need to add anything. If you do this and do not like, please let me know I will take it off your hands, don't want you getting sick or anything Marv
  12. Frank, your good with us, how have you been? Have you been out lately? I am going to go out in the morning. Marv aka doughman
  13. Eric Peterson Fat Bastard wanted me to say hello for him. So Hello for him:grin:
  14. Mike them there look like they be pets. For real thems nice deer.
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