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  1. Congratulations Matt! Not sure what your plans are but remember school is very important.
  2. I run flasher/flies and flasher/meat as soon as I start fishing in deeper water. Not sure about the numbers and size comparisions as I know charter captains that can limit quickly running predominately flies and meat. I think what I notice is that the southern boats and wisconsin boats are more likely to use the spoons and plugs than the northern boats. Also realize that the program is edited. It all boils down to having confidence in what one is running.
  3. I use 30# Seaguar flourocarbon for leaders. I tie them up as I need them because I've never found a good way to store them. It also allows me to change leader lengths accordingly.
  4. I prefer the Diawa 47sg for both the riggers and diver reels. 15+ years with no problems on the Diawa's.
  5. I've had the same problem this year with the "blue label" herring. They are mushy and I've tried brine and borax. These packages come with 8 herring that are rather large. I wonder if they are actually herring.
  6. Big Water Tackle makes some nice meat rigs also. I use salted herring strips. I think the fish just preferred something else that day. Big Weenie has quality tackle.
  7. Thanks for the report. Glad that someone finally has the new UV Stingers in stock, they have been hard to find.
  8. The launch traffic pattern will be a challenge probably in Aug.. There hasn't been a lot of boats up there the last few years until then, probably due to the poor economy and gas prices. I know the project is not finished. They are suppose to put in a new fish cleaning station and restrooms. I'm not sure on there exact location. I would like to see another entrance/exit out of the parking lot and I believe they will need to paint some new parking lines. I am happy that they have fixed First Street. As for the ramps, they need to be pushed in farther. I always hear about the ledge at the end of the concrete slab, but has anyone marked one on their graph? The water sure is low but should be coming up some by June.
  9. That set up looks about right to me. I also enjoy playing around with making up my own teasers and flys. A great set up for me last year was the big water tackle UV on Ice meat rig.
  10. I like running the slide divers for offshore steelhead and in skinny water. I use mono and braid. I haven't used the lite bite arm, but I am only fishing for salmon and trout.
  11. I agree with jay, I would be surprised if this show is around much longer. I had to force myself to be in there more than an hour. Charging what they do though for a table, I can see why companies aren't attending. When I first started going to Birch Run even the top level was full. I did pick up a couple of paddles from Big Weenie.
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