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  1. Thanks! We lost the blue fly/spinnie when one of our big kings got tangled in it at about 6:30 am ! Never took a hit on a long line all morning, ran 300 copper and 8 color, was the first trip without a fish on either .
  2. Saw your box at weigh in fishsniffer, y don't u let us in on a few secrets?
  3. Was a little bumpy, solid 3'ers most the morning, which made it fun in my 17.5 deep vee. In spite of the conditions, we managed to go 6-9 with three 13# kings, a 10# king and two 6# kings. Had all our fish in the box by 7:30. Only two bumps over the next 3 hours! Got our fish in 110-150 fow then made the mistake of running back in. Rigger down 75 was the best but also took two on dipsey w green spin dr and key lime fly back 100. Heard that 130-180 was the ticket after the sun came up. 20.6# King was the big fish in the Dreamweaver Charity Tourney, that fish came out of GH though. There was also a 16.2# Laker!
  4. We set up in 60 fow at about 5:15 and started west. Picked up two nice steel in 115 fow, one on a 150 copper, the other on a braid dipsey back 65. Grabbed a mid teens king shortly thereafter on a full core. His initial run took me out to 750' of line, buried the board for about 10 minutes and tangled with the copper on the other side of the boat! Was thankful to get him in the boat. Turned north in about 150 fow and picked up another mid teens king on the 150 copper. Got a tug on the leadcore but the braid broke off right at the board instantly (line must have been weak from the first king). Was able to recover the board but lost the core and a moonshine spoon! Searched for fish the rest of the morning only to find one more nice steel 75 down on the rigger in 110 fow. Finished the day 5-6 all nice, healthy fish. Definitely much slower than last weekend but a great morning on the water nonetheless.
  5. Anyone fish Friday or Saturday? Going Sunday am and just wanted to know where to start.
  6. Went 11-14 from 5:15 - 10:15. Set lines inside the arms and trolled nnw out to 115 fow and back in to 65 fow before pulling lines. Got all but two of our fish before 8:30. Full core with a moonshine agent orange was the hot lin, took at least 5 fish. Also took fish on riggers down 50 and braid dipseys back 65 and 80. Copper was the only thing that didn't go, which was odd as it has been hot for us all year. Finished with 6 kings and 5 steel, had to let one foul-hooked steel go. Big fish was about a 15# king but I didn't put the scale to her. Hopefully some of the 40+ boats that were out will post some reports as well.
  7. Took a quick trip Sunday late morning with my wife. We started setting lines around 10:45 in 110 fow just north of the pier heads. Picked up a nice 8# steelie before I could get half my lines in the water. Grabbed a 10# king soon thereafter, still before I was able to get my lines in the water. Had a break off on the dipsey (heaviest fish I have fought all year, never turned him), and lost one more on a downrigger. We turned South because the waves were starting to pick up and wanted to troll with them. Action slowed down considerably, but managed to pick up a nice 13# king and had one other come unbuttoned as we were pulling in lines. Were off the big lake by 12:30 as it started to get bumpy. Ended up 3-6, worked between 110 - 135 fow with the North troll being far more productive. Caught fish on 300 copper with a Yellow Tuxedo, Moonshine Happee Meal down 80 on the rigger and UV something (looks kind of like mixed veggies) back 180 on braid dipsey. Had a break off on the same dipsey with the same spoon, the other two that we missed were on the riggers. No pictures as I jumped in Muskegon lake for a quick swim on the way in with my iphone in my pocket! Looking forward to getting back out next weekend, I hope the fishing stays HOT!
  8. Started setting lines at 5:45 in 80 fow north of the arms. Had two cookie cutter kings in the box before we could get lines set. Had a dry spell then ran into a school of steel in 115 fow, picked up three. Picked away at them the rest of the morning, we would hit a dry spell then run into a school of fish and it was all hands on deck. It was my brother's girlfriend's first time out and she got to pull in three kings, one nearly 15#s and two nice steelhead. Flies were miserable, and it got HOT! Other than those two very small complaints, it was a great day on the water and my first limit (and lamprey)! http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/gallery/files/3/8/0/0/catch_musk_7-6.jpg' alt='catch_musk_7-6.jpg'>
  9. taking my wife out tonight, would you mind giving me a hint as to where the fish are if they have moved since the weekend?
  10. Took my brother and a friend who had never been out on the big lake out hoping for some action, the big lake more than obliged. We set lines at about 5:15 in 75fow and trolled a 270 out to 130fow. Only had one taker on the trip West and that came on a 300' copper with a mag yellow tuxedo in 115fow. My G-D Churchs TX 44 dove on me again and I lost the fish. I bought two of these boards and this one always seems to dive when a fish of any weight is on it. The other board just got a 13# king and was just fine. Am I doing something wrong? We decided to head north in 130fow and didn't do much. Turned and trolled East and picked up a nice 6# steelehead in 115fow on the copper rig again. Decided to work a South troll between 115 - 130. We found fish in schools and out buddy was able to boat a 15# king. As soon as I handed him the rod, the fish took off and my buddy looked at me like, "Oh S**t!" After an epic battle, he boated the beast! Here are a few more pics. http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/gallery/files/3/8/0/0/tailgate_7-1-12.jpg' alt='tailgate_7-1-12.jpg'>
  11. Last weekend we found fish between 80-90 fow. Steel in the top 20' and kings down in the lower half of the water column. Saw one report on another forum from this am that had kings coming deep in 110-130 fow. Good luck, looking forward to your report as I will be headed out Saturday afternoon.
  12. Took my wife out for her first trip on the big lake. It was a spur of the moment deal so we were only able to secure a baby sitter for a very short window. Started setting lines in 60 fow at about 3:45 pm. Had a tug on the lead core as I was getting it set but missed it. Less than a minute later my 75' copper with a uv blue dolphin started screaming. It was a large steelhead, worked on getting the board in for almost 5 minutes with the fish jumping, pulling the board under, and otherwise putting on a great show before he spit the hook. Just as we were getting ready to start pulling lines, the copper went again and this time I was able to get the board off and hand the pole to my wife who happens to be five months pregnant. After figuring out where to stow the butt of the rod, she did a great job and boated a 7.5# steelhead. http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/gallery/files/3/8/0/0/lauren_salmon.jpg' alt='lauren_salmon.jpg'> Pulled the rest of the lines and turned for home at 5:00 pm. Amazing trip but I am afraid that it set the bar too high for my wife on her first trip. Hopefully she's hooked though.
  13. Is there a similar website for other ports, specifically Muskegon and Grand Haven?
  14. I donated 300' Copper and an offshore board last time out so I feel ya. Sounds like a good trip despite the lost gear.
  15. As promised. Thanks for the help in getting these posted.
  16. Fished from 7:00-noon. Went 6-9 with one big king (15.5#), one shaker king and 4 nice coho, all in the 2-3# range. Lost one big king and two smaller fish. Fished from 120-245 fow but had the best luck between 130-180. Got the big king in 136 fow on a west troll and a 300' copper with a moonshine flounder pounder. The other big king hit came on a uv blue dolphin 125' down on a rigger in 175 fow. Also took fish on a full core with a uv caramel dolphin and rigger with a uv flasher fly combo. The 300' copper also took a coho and got another hit at the end of the day which broke the line off at the board; so there is an offshore board with 300' of copper being towed around the lake with my name on it. Lol. Never really got the dipseys going because of the conditions and we were trying to film, so running 6 lines and two cameras was enough fun for three guys. Hope to have some cool footage available once it's edited, will be sure to post. Great morning but it did get a little bumpy and was a b*tch motoring back to shore. BTW, the site is telling me that I can't post attachments to my posts, any ideas? I have some pics that I would share if I could.
  17. I have a 17.5' G3, and I have been out to 250' twice this year. Definately make sure you have a radio. I too have a main and kicker which adds reassurance.
  18. Good luck. I would work 160-200 with lots of flies.
  19. Went 9-12 from 6:45-1pm. Set lines in 40 fow and worked west to 240. Picked up a 2# king, 13# king and a smaller king between 185 and 220 on the west troll. Turned around and the rods went crazy between 190 and 170. Picked up a 14# king and 5 more kings in the 2# range. Got fish on an east, south, and west troll. Four fish, including one of the big kings, came on a diver set on 2 115' back with a uv 8" flasher and pickle sunshine fly. Three fish came on a white paddle and white uv fly down 110 on the rigger. The other big king came on a kavorkian down 120 on the rigger. We also took a fish on a green moonshine spoon but can't remember if it was on a rigger or diver. Soaked some copper and lead but no takers. The 14# king snapped a brand new cabelas brand Downrigger rod in half--twice. The first time was right at the handle and the second time he broke it in half as we were trying a team effort to get h to the boat. Somehow, we managed to get him in the boat while pulling a double and only with three guys on board. Great morning on the water.
  20. Made a quick trip this evening. Set lines at about 5 and fished until 7. It was really bumpy, consistently 4-5 footers with the occasional 6-7 footer. Because of the conditions we stayed in tight and worked 40-50 fow. Could only fish two lines as well. Ended 2-3. Set a 2 color with a uv blue dolphin and a 75' copper with a moonshine agent orange. The two color took two fish, a shaker king that went back and an 8# king. Had one hit on the copper after setting it at 150' but lost the fish before we got a look. Felt like a decent but not huge fish. Was really happy to boat two fish in light of the conditions.
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