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  1. Thanks guys. New to the website, obviously, been watching since the end of last season but I will hopefully have many reports to post going forward. This seems to be a great forum with good cooperation amongst the members.
  2. Any reports out of Muskegon in the past week? Might try and get out there this weekend if I can find some time.
  3. Went out from 2:30 - 7:15. We set lines in 170 and worked out to 240 before coming back in to 170. Picked up 3 and missed 2 on our first troll back East. The three that we got were coho, one on a white paddle and pickle sunshine fly that was down around 70' and on its way down to 110' when it went off. The second and third were on a 300' copper with a moonshine agent orange. The first one we lost, which was in our turn at 240', was on a full core with a caramel dolphin. Never felt it as no one was home by the time I got to the rod. The other lost fish was a good sized fish that hit a UV Blue Dolphin down 70 on a rigger. Turned back West and worked out to 200' again and didn't hit anything. Made one last loop back and picked up two more coho. One on the UV dolphine down 70 again and the last one was on the 300' copper agent orange. Ended the day 5-7, not the two man limit we had hoped for but made for a great time on the water. Also made for some good eats!
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