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  1. Thanks for the post, much appreciated!
  2. thanks for taking the time to post site, there is no logical reason to have ethanol in our gas, luckily I can still buy rec gas, but at a higher price. I submitted form, I was hoping Trump could put a halt to this, we will see.
  3. Great Job, thanks for your updates, keep up the good work,
  4. Sounds. Great, hope to get up in the next couple of days..
  5. Hey Luke, got back from New York, fished by Wilson, caught 14 kings on 5 trips, not many 3 years old fish though, not as well as expected, but had a good trip, did not mark alot of fish, probably should of picked up and fished different water, some of the guys buy Canadian and cross over, last fall the screen was full in sept, caught 10, 25 pounders, hopefully get back, sort of a hassle crossing border 4 times. looking to do a little walleye fishing in the next week, thanks for the posts, Toby
  6. Luke, Drove 3 hrs. for about 20 to 30 minutes fishing, just got lines set and front swooped in and wind picked up and it was white water, did manage to catch 2 nice walleye on same 3 color lead with a walleye spoon crawler harness setup, me and 30 other guys setting at the dock. getting ready to go to Ontario, Monday for a couple day fish, leave a few for me hope to get back up there. the young guy I took caught both fish, we all got wet, the wind picked up to 30 mph or better. I fished out of Grindstone,
  7. Luke, I've taken them with meat and with body baits, did you hear what they are using. thanks
  8. wow thanks for the update, may have to do a switch, always liked fishing Grindstone for the gaters. will post results.
  9. Thanks Luke, ran out of time to get to austin, went close, sunset, 1,2 bouy, brought home 5 nice walleye, not many boats, was slow, but better than not getting out, hope to take a young fella out today, about 10 years old, I'll let ya know.
  10. thanks for the post Luke, when the fishing is this good maybe I can catch a couple, hoping to go to Port Austin this afternoon and fish the reefs 5 mi west. Hope to fish a couple of days. Toby
  11. I love the posts by everyone, thanks Matt, hope to be there for a little fishing mid week in between the wind, Joe
  12. good report luke, my son in law and I were fishing in the 24 foot range by hat pointe, took 3 two man limits, the past few days, mostly on the boards with harnesses. purple and lime green the best.
  13. Frank thanks for your posts, this is Bill's brother, Joe talked to you day before, would of uploaded picture but did not know how, Bill clio tawas
  14. took about 3 hours, caught every fish hooked, no junk fish, off the point and east towards sleeper state park, in mostly 21-24 feet of water, half on the boards, half on riggers, ran both spoons and harnesess, harneses work the best, purple took half of our fish. It was rough, all fish taken with the waves. sat. morning:
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