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  1. I love the posts by everyone, thanks Matt, hope to be there for a little fishing mid week in between the wind, Joe
  2. good report luke, my son in law and I were fishing in the 24 foot range by hat pointe, took 3 two man limits, the past few days, mostly on the boards with harnesses. purple and lime green the best.
  3. Frank thanks for your posts, this is Bill's brother, Joe talked to you day before, would of uploaded picture but did not know how, Bill clio tawas
  4. took about 3 hours, caught every fish hooked, no junk fish, off the point and east towards sleeper state park, in mostly 21-24 feet of water, half on the boards, half on riggers, ran both spoons and harnesess, harneses work the best, purple took half of our fish. It was rough, all fish taken with the waves. sat. morning:
  5. SagBay Rocks

    way to go! hope to join ya
  6. I see Hammerhead charter (on his site) posted recently, the tackle shop up there might be able to help, I'm looking at next week, if I find anything I will let you know.
  7. used to fish piers of oscoda 30 years ago, sundown to sunset worked the best for us, sad that fishery is gone, glow cleos, harbor beach also, used to really kill em. looking to do some wall fishing this year, alot of people fish Manistee, thought about that, might be going up next week, fished with boat a few weeks ago, done well. Do they wall fish out of Frankfort?
  8. that sounds like a hell of a fishing trip, thanks for the post
  9. Fished most of the week at Manistee, it peaked for us later in the week, son inlaw an I caught 10 fish thursday night, hot lure was new plug that holds meat, blue green sold locally, and happy meal, plug took 6 fish on one rod, lead 10 color, thursday night, worked better in night fishing. riggers 30 to 50, some action on flys, double ladderbacks were working, had a quad wed. night, maybe 5, landed 4. south 10 11's 35 fish total, alot of 20's