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  1. thanks for what your doin i dont know u but your one hell of a guy good luck fishin and better luck helping others hats off to u
  2. i hear ya dude i lost my dad or best fishin partner ever a few years ago its not the same but we still have fun dad would like that i always pour a beer into the water for dad
  3. what port would be the best bet for coho for the rest of the month whats your opinion? thanks
  4. thursday night a boat ran full bore into north pier two guys hurt big rescue scene one guy had broken arm another had internal injuries quite a big deal i was cleaning fish when it happened all hell broke loose we got 10 for 16 on thursday they sure are big this year and real tuff fighters tear em up guys chrome j plug with red lipstick was hot even caught a steelie on it
  5. which fly works best for u spinnes or hoochies which do u like
  6. the old school kevorkian whitehobo blackscrewball chrome j wit lipstick
  7. like to try swr how do u rig them
  8. nice fish big and fat just the way we like them good job
  9. seb or linwood or caseville help me make up my mind
  10. good job been wantin to get upthere myself how far out u goin i got a 17fter takes the water real good
  11. have done real well on chrome with red lipstick
  12. how do u rig a fixed slider thanks
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