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  1. Saturday we ran to little point to get away from traffic. Ended with four and one pig. Sunday set up out front. Worked 80-100 fow. Ended with 10. Four diver bites with meat, two plugs, the rest spoons. Core, copper and riggers all went.
  2. I've been on both sides. My question about tow boat is do you need a policy for each boat or is it like triple a where it's the person?
  3. Fished the bank yesterday. Saw plenty of fish caught. We took two good rips on 200 copper with meat but missed them. Hooked up on wire as we were pulling them. It went out to 700'. Had it to the back and came off. Long day!
  4. OH man that sounds painful!!! I have been fishing the East side since it is closer for me. Fishing has been really good there to. Heal up and kill some eyes.
  5. Just a rubber band for me with a 6 foot lead. I set it 4' above the primary.
  6. I just have a cheapy Cabelas reel on one of mine and it just finished its fourth season. If you keep the drag looser it won't burn out. Its probably had 100-150 fish on it...
  7. Nice job. Meat was the only thing that I couldn't get to go...
  8. it was good last weekend. Mostly south but some were getting them north. 85-110 fow. It changes everyday so hard to give you exact info.
  9. Sure wouldn't surprise me! usually more like 50-80 down.
  10. I would hold off on rigging anything until the time comes. 150 and 200 copper may be hot and 300 would be too deep. 450 copper may be hot...half cores with plugs, 2 colors with orange spoons...when you are about two days out check the weather (wind direction) and then research what is going on.
  11. Went out this weekend. 3-4 Saturday 120 down on meat and 80 on spoon. 4-5 on Sunday 200 copper and 300 copper. Just me and my wife for a few hours each morning. It was a little brisk...
  12. Action glow blue bubble and pickled sunshine/liquid sunshine have always been my best.
  13. I don't run that bait but all of my flies have 7/0 red gamaktsu octopus hooks.
  14. Hey Matt, I grew up in Ludington so I have been fishing my whole life. I know a lot of mates and captains. I always thought about it too but never did either. Now I work my butt off but still fish almost every weekend. Once you start working you will get burnt out no matter what you choose to do. During the summer I go to work just to get a break from fishing!!! If you can afford the liscense it doesn't hurt to have but work your way into it.
  15. My fish hawk is older and very unstable UNTIL I got the newer probe. Haven't had a hiccup since.
  16. That light is so stinking hard to pick out with all the lights behind it. I agree there is no excuse but it happens. I grew up there so I know what to look for and still have a hard time seeing it from a few miles out. Look for the tiny blinking green light against all of the white lights. Everyone doesn't own a GPS so that doesn't help.
  17. Just getting ready to present at work this morning and a buddy sends me a text at 9:55 that they had their 15 and were already cleaning fish this morning. they went north (with every other boat in Ludington).
  18. Water warmed up inside over the weekend. Made the run a few times myself. Had a green crew so went 8-30+!!! Oh well...Had better luck when they went home.
  19. Everything went. 3 and 5 colors with regular moonshine spoons, wire 55 on a 3 setting big ring with mag rotators, riggers with stackers. Mostly spoon bite. mongolian beef and flounder pounder were the best.
  20. Well I will throw my report up even though it is similar to the ones already posted. Kind of a weird weekend for me. Ran south Friday morning and fished 35-45 fow. Tons of bait but couldn't get them going. Around 6:30 finally took a fish in the light (no early bites) and by 9:00 we were on our way in with 9 nice fish. That night went out and hit one right away and lost it in deeper water. Went three hours without a hit so moved back into shallow water. Finally at 9:00 the fire drill started and ended up 7-11 by 9:30. All big kings. Saturday morning fished the circus out front going 2-5 both slobs. Passed on Sunday. Monday morning started in close. All the traffic and cold water I said screw it and ran 15 miles. Didn't get set up until 7:30 and could stay hooked up. Ended up 5-16. Overall good weekend.
  21. fished in tight by the dunes and had nine this morning. buddy fished up north past the stick and had 4. water was all over the place some cold then warm...
  22. last night there were some fish (at least 5 I can gaurentee) at the pierheads but nada this morning (that I could see). I'm sure if you find them in tight it will be a riot. I'm gonna be fishing in there unless I break the pierheads and see small waves then it's drop the hammer and run baby run!!!
  23. Just need the bait to show up in the cold water. There are a few in there but the screen was blank this morning. Great fishing out deep but Im not a fan of long runs in 4 footers.
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