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  1. We did a trip last year out of St. Joe in the middle of October and caught over 20 fish. They were all 2 & 3 year old in 110' - 160'. The hard part is finding a day when the weather will let you out. The only other problem fishing in October is that you are typically all alone out there...good day for a "buddy boat partner.";) Mike Larson Catch 22 Battle Creek, MI
  2. We decided to launch the boat at 7:00 a.m. so we could have a good visual of how to maneuver through the floating debris. It actually was much better than what I thought it would be. There was still a lot of junk floating at the peirheads, so we ran west to 90’ and set lines. Ended the morning going 7 for 8, 5 kings (one shy of our two man limit) and 2 lake trout (released). Took hits on purple/chrome J-plug on braided dipsey set on #3 out 145’, green fly with green flasher on braided dipsey set on #3 out 190’, white glow j-plug on 300’ of 45# copper, green fly on tin can dodger on rigger. Two of our largest kings were on the bottom in 125’ of water. Temp was 52 at 68’ down. It was a great day of fishing and fellowship! Mike Battle Creek, MI Catch 22
  3. We took one pass through the maze of boats with no success then pulled lines and headed north (9’s) to 75’ of water then set lines and headed west. Most productive water was 95’ to 105’. Took three hits on wonder bread j-plug on rigger down 68’, two hits on braided dipsey with blue bubble spiney and fly out 175’, two hits on braided dipsey with green spiney and green fly out 175’, lost a nice steelhead after six jumps on half core with orange/chrome j-plug, three hits on dodger and green fly bouncing off the bottom, one hit on full core with NBK stingray, one hit on 300’ copper with purple/chrome j-plug. Ended the morning going 9 for 12, five lake trout and four kings. It turned out to be a great day on the water…not many left!!
  4. It looks like we might run into each other agian on Sunday. I'm always looking for good updates while I'm on the water. You can reach me on my cell phone at 269-209-4694. Mike
  5. Csootman, Were you the one we were talking with at the Benton Harbor boat ramp yesterday morning? We were the one launching the 24’ Thompson Hardtop. It sounds like it was a good day for everyone. We went strait out to 100’ and set lines then headed SW. The catching began in 125’ through 175’. Downriggers set from 35’-60’, 300’ of 30# and 45# copper, 10 color lead seem to work the best. Speed was 2.0-2.2. Stinger NBK and Carmel Dolphin, tin can dodger with green/glow fly did most of the damage. Finished at 11:00 with a 4 man 5 fish limit. Great day on the water! http://s59.photobucket.com/albums/g310/devonava/th_ToddandMarkCIRTrip004.jpg