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  1. Nice job, been a long time since I've been there. Ran my first year on the great lakes out of loons foot
  2. Glad you made it Steve, even though you will never give me a ride....
  3. Hey John, glad your here. (I'm banned "over there" )
  4. Dave, Is there a chance that you will do this yet or was that a gla "trademarked" deal? I am still trying to get to one of those.
  5. I used signature finish paint, (fiberglass boat but would work on plywood just the same) I had help though.
  6. Thanks for the link, looks like something that will work great on my boat.
  7. I agree. Or 200 outside of the 300 with the 10 color on the other side
  8. Nice. A buddy of mine just picked one up also. Nice deep boat.
  9. Rod McCormick 40 Pipestone Mn (sw corner) Bailey Harbor to Racine. Port Washington more than not. 5 years 23.5 Seacraft Sceptre Rods R&R
  10. 10 inches is all. But we had well over 4 ft before it.
  11. I bought one of these from Calumet Marine. http://www.bepmarine.com/home-mainmenu-8/product-278/716-sq-100avsr-dual-battery-charging-cluster Works terrific. Isolates the trolling batteries. And combines them in case of an emergency. It also flips over when the starting battery is full and charges the trolling batteries.
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